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Danielle Lessard

Chapter Fourteen

I am so, so, very sorry it's taken us so long to post this. A lot of things have been going on. We've got a lot of material still to work with though, and I am going to be posting a lot more, on more of a schedule. Sorry about the wait.. and We hope you enjoy this. This was probably, the most freaky but the most fun we've done so far in this fic. ahha!


It’s been three weeks to the day. Wrong convictions. False accusations. Charged without proof. Its been three weeks to the day that freedom was theirs. They stand on the top of a great mountain, everything around them bids the freedom they so rightly deserve. Billy pulled his coat around him tighter as the wind caught up a little more and he smiled to Dom. "You can see forever now," he said softly.

"I've always seen forever." Dom replied opening his own jacket and stepping closer to Billy, pulling him inside of his jacket. He smiled at Billy. "I've always had forever." He said kissing Billy lightly.

Billy blinked a few times and smiled to him, gently kissing his jaw. "You're warm!" he giggled, snuggling in some more. He kissed Dom again before wrapping his arms lightly over his waist.

Dom laughed and attempted to button the jacket. "Think we can walk like this?" He wrinkled his nose as he laughed and kissed the top of Billy's nose.

Billy laughed loudly And looked down, leaning back on Dom and he took a step forwards. "You know...I think we could!" he laughed.

Dom laughed and took a step back. "You know..." He giggled as they both took another step. "This might not be a good idea... on a hill.." Billy smiled at him and stepped forward, catching the hem of Dom's jeans which had been falling down. "Shite!" Dom laughed loudly as he fell backwards with a thud to the ground, bringing Billy with him. "You know, if you wanted to be on top you could've just said so." Dom winked and kissed Billy

Billy screamed with laughter and pressed himself lightly against Dom. He kissed him gently and smiled. "I could have...but then I would be here with you like this." he smiled, kissing him again.

Dom smiled and wrapped his arms around Billy's back as he kissed him harder. Slipping a tongue into Billy's mouth Dom shifted slightly to the left. "Billy!" Dom laughed as they started going down the hill. "I can't stop!" He laughed louder and pulled Billy closer to him as they rolled down further

Billy clung to him as they rolled fasted and finally crashed somewhere between three bushes and a tree. Billy was still clinging to Dom and giggling like a child when they finally stopped. He sniggered as he pulled a leaf and some twigs out of Dom's hair. "Alright?" he giggled.

"Yeah, you?" Dom laughed and shook his head like a dog as the twigs flew away, making Billy giggle more. Dom combed his hands through Billy's hair and smiled before kissing Billy softly. "Never done that before." He whispered

He smiled and kissed Dom back softly. "Me either.." he giggled, his smile faded and he kissed him again. "Can we get ice cream today?" Billy asked.

"Of course we can!" Dom smiled. "I want sprinkles. Can I get sprinkles?" Dom laughed.

Billy nodded. "As long as I can have sauce..." he giggled and moved himself away from Dom, standing up and leaning on the tree. He giggled again. "I want...vanilla and strawberry and mint chip.."

Dom laughed and unbuttoned the coat to free them. He wrapped and arm around Billy's waist and stretched his other arm across his body to hold Billy's. "I love you." He whispered.

Billy smiled moving his mouth to Dom's, "I love you," he whispered. He took his hand and led him back down towards the bottom. He smiled and kissed his neck. "And then you know what...after ice cream..we're going out somewhere."

"Were are we going?" Dom smiled pushing Billy against the tree and himself against Billy.

"Its a secret." he said, moving himself forwards slightly and pressing into Dom's hip. "Only the best kind."

"Mhmm." Dom mumbled in response against Billy's mouth. "Then let's go get that ice cream." He smiled cheekily and kissed Billy again.

They got the the icecream place and finished quickly. Billy smiled and once they were done, he opened the door of a cab and held it open for Dom. "Ladies first."

Dom stuck his tongue out at Billy, smiling as he climbed into the back. "You only wish I were a lady."

"I don't.." he giggled. "They don't know how to do it right...not like you." he sniggered. He smiled and handed Dom a silk blindfold. "You'll need this, too."

Dom quickly kissed Billy before taking the silk blind fold and placing it over his eyes. He tied it tightly and then reached over, feeling for Billy's hand. "You're lucky I am not afraid of the dark." He giggled.

Billy sniggered. "Well...you might be afraid be the end of tonight." he giggled

"Shite, what are you going to do to me?" Dom asked, acting paranoid.

"Its not me.." Billy giggled. The drive only lasted ten more minutes until Billy gently removed the blindfold as the cab drove up a long drive-way surrounded by trees. "Our stuff is in the back.." he smiled. "And tonight.." he giggled as they grew closer. "We're going to spend the night in a haunted hotel."

"Haunted hotel?" Dom asked, confused as he looked at Billy and then to the hotel.

Billy nodded. "Remember when we first did lotr, and you said it would be cool to stay in one, but we couldn't go because we were filming...well I found one!" he giggled.

Dom pulled the bag over his shoulder and wrapped an arm around Billy's waist. "You're crazy Boyd." He smiled as he looked up at the house looming over them. "Ready to go in?" He asked kissing Billy's jaw.

Billy smiled and nodded, and gently took Dom's hand in his own. He shifted his bag over his other shoulder and smiled, walking with Dom up to the house. "Might be scary!" he giggled. "Hope you don't wet yourself."

Dom looked over at Billy and giggled. "And you try not to shite yourself." He stuck out his tongue and kissed Billy's lips quickly. Dom pushed open the door with his foot and took a step inside of the house, pulling Billy along with him.

Inside, the stairs scaled high up and twisted round. It looked Victorian inside. The old desk with a small woman sat behind was dark brown. She stared up at them both with small glasses over her little grey eyes. "Yes?" she asked, her voice very much witch-like.

Dom forced a smile and glanced over at Billy nervously. "Uhh... Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan." Dom heard himself squeak. His cheeks flushed slightly and Billy squeezed his hand. Dom glanced over at Billy again and tried to move closer to him. The woman just stared at them, as if looking right into them, as if reading them. "This way." She said quickly and stood with a surprising grace.

Billy frowned slightly at her and glanced to Dom. They followed after her as she led them up the stairs, her long black dress flowed down to her feet, it seemed as if she was floating almost. Billy cleared his throat slightly. "So uh, have you worked here long?" he asked, suddenly thinking of how rude that seemed. "Not that I'm saying your old or anything...just you know, have you been here a good few years..."

Dom looked over at Billy and snorted back his laugher. “And you say I’m the idiot.” He whispered squeezing Dom’s hand. The woman acted as if she hadn’t heard them and continued her steady pace up the stairs. “I would think that was a no…” Dom whispered as they got to the top landing and turned right down a long hall way.

Billy frowned, not sure if he should laugh or not. "Yes. Well, thanks for that." he said softly, turning to the room. He looked in front of him and saw a huge four-poster bed. It was dark wood, almost black with a white veil around the edges, which could be pulled across. By the huge bay window, was an old rocking chair alongside a dark-lint fire-place and a gothic mirror above. There was a picture of an old Victorian lady on the wall facing the bed and Billy looked to Dom. "They called the chimney sweeps!" he said in a londer's accent.

Dom giggled and lightly pushed Billy. "That lady was off her bloody rocker." Dom shook his head and then slowly shut the door behind them. Billy went over to the dresser and placed his bag in front of it. Dom walked around the perimeter of the room and found another door. "Bills... I found the bathroom... where's the goddamn light..." He said walking into the room. He was quiet as he fumbled with the lantern. "I found the li-" Dom called out to Billy before he let out a scream and ran from the bathroom, clamoring over the bed and running to grab Billy's arm.

"Someone's in... in... there." He whispered. Billy looked up towards the door and saw a tall man wearing a suit, looking aged like the woman's dress come out of the bathroom.

"Sorry Monsieur. Didn't mean to alarm you. I was just finishing cleaning." He said and bowed low.

"You... you didn't scare me." Dom said nodding and looking away.

"He's an actor. He was humoring you." Billy explained. "But shouldn't you have finished cleaning before we arrived?" Billy asked. The man nodded and seemed to glide towards the door.

"Yes. But blood is a very hard thing to remove." he said before leaving. Billy turned to Dom and did his best not to laugh.

"Shut up Billy." Dom said letting go of Billy's arm and taking a step away. "Like you said... I'm just a good actor." he nodded, reassuring himself. "Did he say blood?" He whispered.

Billy sniggered and walked to the bathroom. "Apparently." he flicked the switch and giggled. "Like tomato sauce or something..." he said nodding down to the the dark red splot on the floor. "This is their job, Dommie. Its not really haunted!"

"I know that." Dom said following closely behind Billy. "But being scared just makes it more fun. I'm not scared. Not at all." Dom said looking over Billy's shoulder and then taking Billy's arm and pulling him out of the bathroom. "Let's go over here." He said smiling and turning off the lantern.

"No, course your not. And you do know your pupils get bigger when your lying. Which you're doing now." he giggled again and sat down on the bed. "Its comfy. Wonder if they'll be any dead bodies sharing with us tonight?" he sniggered again.

"Billy!" Dom said taking a step away from the bed and crossing his arms. "Not funny!"

Billy sighed. "Oh, alright." he stepped off the bed and pulled the covers. "I'll check for you shall I?" He pulled the covers back, the sheets were clean and white, suddenly Billy screamed and was pulled down towards the bed.

"Billy!" Dom screamed and jumped over to where Billy was. He grabbed Billy's shoulders and pulled, landing flat on his back with Billy fallen on top of him.

Billy was laughing so hard. He moved off Dom and laughed again. "You really are scared, aren't you?!" He giggled. He stood up and held out his hand to Dom. "There's nothing there!"

Dom slapped his hand away and stood up. "Billy that wasn't funny! I thought... I... nevermind." Dom said turning away to his bags.

"Im sorry." he said sitting back down on the bed. "I won't do it again." he promised.

Dom looked up from his bags over to Billy sitting on the bed. "I really thought something had gotten you... or something..." He said dropping the bag and walking slowly over to the bed. He sat on the side and curled up next to Billy. "You're horrible."

He nodded. "Yes. I am." He kissed Dom's forehead. "And I said I was sorry." He smiled and kissed Dom again. "But I am glad I'll have you close by tonight."

Dom wrapped an arm around Billy's waist. "I thought I'd have you here to protect me but if you're just going to make me try to piss myself I might as well go down to the woman downstairs." Dom giggled and jumped as they heard the door creak. Dom turned his head to see the woman standing in the door way.

Billy glanced to Dom and frowned a little. "Did you hear her knock?" he whispered. Dom shook his head. "To alert you for dinner, you will hear this sound." She said. Her voice was in one tone. Suddenly a bell rang-much like a church bell. "It will be served at 1800 hours."

"Alright... thanks." Dom gulped and turned away quickly, buring his face in Billy's arm. "Billy... I changed my mind... I would rather stay with you even if you make me piss myself."

Billy smiled. "Im not staying here on my..." Billy paused as the woman disappeared in the hallway. Billy glanced to Dom. "You see that?" he whispered.

Dom looked over his shoulder again and saw the woman fading away down the stairs. "Billy...." Dom whined not caring how much of a child he sounded like. He had wanted to kick himself for yelping at the woman the first time and then screaming at the man in the bathroom but this was enough. Billy could be the strong one now. "Billy... she just disappeared..." he whispered clinging to Billy's shirt.

Billy quickly pulled them in and closed the door, finding the small latch and locking it. "There." he said softy, a little unsure. He went to the windows and checked that, too. "Dom, if you want to back out, its fine...we don't have to stay here..." said softly, looking at Dom on the bed.

Dom stood and walked to the other window. "So... something tells me... we won't be able to..." He croaked out as he backed away from the window and looked at Billy, his eyes wide. "The... car...."

Billy frowned. "What? What about the car?"

"It's... gone." Dom whispered.

"It can't be!" he said, getting up going to Dom. "It can't just vanish! its a car!"

Dom wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and pulled him away from the window as he pulled the clip on the blinds. He pulled Billy back to the bed and climbed into the middle trying to pull Billy with him. "But... it did."

"Well I’m not just going to sit here! That’s my car! If they've done anything to it.." Billy started walking towards the door. "Its all fake, Dom, try to remember that." he said softly. He unlocked the door and pulled it open giving a small cry as a small girl stood in front of him.

"Billy!" Dom said moving back against the headboard. "What is it? Don't leave...."

"Hello, sir." the girl said, her voice was cold. Billy looked down at her.

"Hi." he said.

"Did you see my bunny?" she asked. Billy shook his head, his mind more on his car. "My toy bunny." the girl said. Billy shook his head again.

"No, I’m sorry." he said. The girl glared at him. She suddenly pointed to the mantle and screamed.

"I want my bunny, I want my bunny!" On the mantle, was a toy bunny, one ear was torn off and its eye was hanging loose. It was covered in blood.

Dom looked over at the mantle and then back at the little girl at the door. "We... we didn't take your bunny... come and get it..." He said looking back at the bloodied toy. "What.... what happened to it?" he asked as the little girl pushed by Billy.

"It was killed." She said, trying to reach up, but she couldn't. "It was a real bunny once. The wicked lady downstairs boiled it and made a stew."

Dom stared at the little girl and then back at Billy. "What?" He whispered

"She boiled my bunny. Like she did with my daddy."

Dom yelped and jumped away from the bed, running to the door to grab Billy's arm. "You are not leaving!" He said pulling Billy inside of the room. "Screw your fucking car I am not going to have her boil you!"

"Fucking come with me then!" He cried. He shoved Dom against the door. "Stay here with this weird kid whose parent was boiled by a witch or come with me, get my car and get the fuck out of here!" he said in a harsh whisper.

Dom bit his lip, scared at the sudden anger that had come from Billy. "Sorry..." He muttered. "You're right..." He said walking over to their bags and grabbing them both.

"You can't leave." the girl said, a smile coming to her face. "No… you can’t leave."

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