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In these shadowed lives, every scar runs deep

A falling saviour in the arms of redemption. Time that can heal a broken soul...

Billy and Dom: A life's puzzle
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Two friends are bought together by an un-imaginable journey. Becoming stars over-night, being thrown into a world they never thought was possible, the effects of being so famous in such a shot space of time shadows any past hurts they may've had.

Dominic Monaghan was just shy of finishing college, before he was cast in a television series, some small years later; he was suddenly cast in what was to be a blockbuster film, where he was flown to New Zealand, not knowing anyone or anything.

Billy Boyd was beginning to lose hope of his acting dream. Doing only one small television episode and an advert or two, he’d found his acting career had gone back to the stage. Just months before he turned thirty, he was cast and he, too, was flown out to New Zealand, leaving everything he ever knew far behind.

Some years have passed. The Lord of The Rings propelled both Dom and Billy into instant fame, and since then, their projects have been a collection of different things. For a while, Dom thought his acting break was through. He became depressed, there was no work, and he felt alone. Billy was there, telling him it would get better, and promising him it would be alright. And few months later, what Billy had said came true. Dom was cast for a hit show, Lost, where he was cast as one of the lead characters. But then, things changed. Something happened and it wasn’t the same as before. And it was only when those shadowed pasts were bought to light, that something could be done. That the change could be made. Even though those pasts, and the pain that came with them, were still running deep.


This is an NC-17 rated RP. In the interests, you will find what will be included throughout the RP, it is an angst-based RP, and will therefore contain content that not everyone will be comfortable with. Please consider how it will effect you before you read/join. This is an RP, which is based around the lives of Billy and Dom, however, we do not know them, nor do we know the truth in what is written. We are not getting money for any of this and we do not know nor are affilted with either actor. We hope you enjoy the RP and please feel free to join the comm.

If you have any concerns, questions or anything else, please email us at: lifepuzzle@hotmail.co.uk and either myself or Dani will get back to you.

Enjoy your stay, and thank you for reading.