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Chapter 13

Billy opened his eyes. His heart was pounding. He looked down, seeing Dom sound asleep. They were still on the upper-part of the boat. He blinked a few times, trying to wake up before sitting right up and frowning. Something had woken him. "Dom.." he whispered. Dom was sleepy, but he managed to get Dom to get up and go back down below. Billy set Dom in bed, Dom was more than half asleep and probably didn't realize he'd moved. Billy quickly pulled on some clothes and closed the door behind him, slowly going back on deck. He knew he wasn't alone up here. Something had woken him. He stayed close to the door, and slowly peered round the corner.

He snuck back down and got a knife. It was only small, but he needed something. He headed back up and walked slowly round the side, careful not to make any noise. He pressed himself against the wall and closed his eyes before he moved again and made his way slowly along the wall.

Billy gave a deep sigh and took one step out. On the front of the boat, where Billy and Dom had been earlier, stood a man. He was dressed all in black. Billy's breath caught in his chest. The man was standing right on the edge, One slip could cause him to slip and fall into the water. Billy bit his lip, not sure if he should go back to Dom. He decided against it. Stepped forwards and climbed onto the front

"Mmm Billy." Dom murmured down below from the bed. He smiled in his sleep and rolled over, trying to find where Billy was. All of a sudden he felt he was falling. Snapping awake he found himself splat on the floor. "SHITE!" He screamed sitting up and feeling his cheeks redden. "Fell out of bed.." He laughed pulling him self up. "Billy?" Dom asked noticing he was in the cabin and Billy was no where to be found. He looked around quickly and grabbed a pair of boxers from the ground. He pulled them on and quickly peered into the bathroom and behind the small closet to make sure Billy wasn't there. He turned to the door and slowly opened it, wondering why Billy wasn't there. He paused at the door and bit his lip. Last time he woke up and Billy wasn't there, they had gotten into a fight. With a deep breath, Dom shook his head and decided to press on.

"Billy?" He called as he stepped out of the door way, startling a figure on the top of the boat. Dom shook his head and walked up towards the front. "Billy what are you doing up here?" Dom asked placing a foot on the step to climb up. "Billy?" Dom asked. Something wasn't right. The person standing on the top stood still, his face was hidden by a black mask. Dom jumped back and tripped over his own feet. "Who the fuck are you?" He yelled scrambling up. "Where's Billy?!"

The person was over Dom instantly. He pinned him down bringing out a knife. "You friend armed himself with this." He said, his voice was like a whisper, but it was horrible. "Didn't protect him very well." he said, pushing down on Dom's neck. "Didn't protect him at all."

"What. Did. You. Do." Dom hissed through clenched teeth as he tried to press himself further into the wood and away from the blade. The moonlight shone on the man's face, reflecting a white smile that was flashed down at him. "Where. Is. My. BILLY!" Dom screamed tearing away from the man and shoving himself up from the deck. The man reacted quickly and grabbed Dom's arms, holding him from behind and returning the knife to his neck.

"All in good time, Dominic." The man said, his voice the same as before. "Your anger suprises me..." he said, pressing the cold blade on his neck. "It caused you trouble last time. I would have thought you would have learned by now." he whispered. "Don't worry about Billy." He said, smiling again. "He's coping...like he always does." His voice emphasied the "coping" part and he smiled.

Dom tensed as his name was whispered from the man's mouth. He closed his eyes as he mentioned Billy's name. He hated the way Billy's name sounded when it was said by this man... "What do you mean coping?" He whispered deciding not to do anything until he knew where Billy was and what had happened to Billy.

"What do I mean coping?" he smiled. Let out a small laugh. "How does he always cope?" he smiled again. "Its ok...I took the knife so he couldn't do anything...then again, Dominic, he didn't really have to."

"Where is he?" Dom screamed struggling in the mans arms. His decision to stay still wasn't working as well as he had hoped. The man's arm tightened as Dom pulled away. Stomping on the man's foot, the man jumped back, dragging the knife across Dom's neck as he did so. Dom screamed as he fell down, a hand quickly raised to his neck. The cut wasn't deep.. it had only shocked him. Grabbing the side rails he pulled himself up and glanced quickly to the cabin. He heard a click from behind him and he turned to see the man had a gun faced at him.

"Do not move." The man spat angrily.

The man gave Dom a swift kick and moved only for a second. He threw something at Dom. Billy's cuff-watch, covered in blood landed on the deck with a "clunk" sound. "Tick tock, tick tock." The man smiled. "Time runs out when you're blood spills free...tick tock.." he threw something else down. Billy's green-stone necklace. "But it stands still when you're all alone."

Dom let out a cry as he reached out to grab the cuff and the necklace. He pushed himself against the rails and looked down at the bloody link. He pressed a kiss to the stone and placed the necklace around his neck. "Did you hurt him?" He whispered feeling the tears swell up behind his eyes. "What do you want?" He whispered.

"Did I hurt him?" The man asked. He knelt down. "It wouldn't take much for him to hurt himself..you know..when you just feel over.the.edge." he smirked. "And what do I want?" He slammed his fist into Dom's face. "That would be telling."

Dom let the tears fall as the man's fist again connected with his face. Billy was gone. The man had killed him. Everything Dom had ever hoped to have. Everything Dom had ever loved. Was gone. He was beaten. This man could take him... he had nothing left to live for. The man kicked him hard in the stomach and Dom's hand fell open letting the link slide accross the deck. The man stepped over infront of Dom, smashing the cuff as he stepped on it. Grabbing Dom's arms, he yanked Dom to his feet and sneered in his face, "Give up?" Before laughing.

A sudden anger rose in the pit of Dom's stomach and the tears of self pity and loss turned to those of anger. "NO!" Dom screamed slamming a fist into the man's face, making the man fall backwards, once again caught of gaurd. "You son of a bitch!" Dom screamed punching the man again. The man's knees buckled and he feel backwards. Dom spat on the deck and jumped up to the front of the boat. Searching the water quickly Dom took a deep breath and dove into the water.

The water was cold and dark and its bite caught Dom, his body not prepared for it. He sunk a little before finding himself and starting to swim. Suddenly strong arms grabbed him, holding him tightly. Dom froze at first, but then struggled frantically as he tried to pull away. They rose to the surface. The man who had shot his own daugter was holding him. Dom screamed and pulled again. The man placed his hand over Dom's mouth and began to swim them both away from the boat. "Don't speak." he said. Dom caught a glance back, seeing the man all in black was still on the boat. Confused he looked to the man who was now "saving" him. "No time for questions...just know that all policemen want to help you."

The man continued to drag him out of the water and to the shore. Breathing heavially, Dom and the man collapsed on the mixture of sand and rocks that boardered the lake. "I thought... you were... in jail." Dom said through breaths. The man shook his head and looked away. Dom sighed and pulled himself further away from the water. "Where's Billy?" He asked looking at the man.

"Knocked out." the man replied, "And not in a good way." he contiuned. "He's over here." The man lead them away to where a small dip in the ground led them downwards and they were covered by trees. "Let me see to your neck." The man said. There was a small fire, and the man could easlilly see to him by the light, even though it was only small.

Dom moved his neck to the side, letting the man look at the cut. "It's not deep but we have to clean it." He said tearing part of his shirt away. He reached up to wrap it around Dom's neck but Dom pulled away.

"I'll do it myself thanks." Dom said forcing a smile and walking away from the man and to the fire. He tied the strip of fabric tightly enough to add pressure but not enough to choke him. "Billy..." Dom whispered dropping to his knees beside where Billy laid. He had a worn jacket wrapped around him and a crude pillow made from a sock and leaves was under his head. Dom tossed it away and lifted Billy's head onto his lap. He brushed a couple strands of hair away from Billy's face and kissed his forehead lightly. "I am so sorry..." He whispered.

Billy's arms were tied with the man's shirt, too, a small bruise on his cheek and just under his eye. He didn't respond at first. He frowned slightly but that was all. The man sighed, his arms folded. "I didn't think we'd be friends...but I would have appreicated some kind of gratitude."

Dom looked up and met the man's eyes. "I am sorry... And yeah, thank you for saving Billy." Dom nodded and looked back at Billy's face. "And me."

"We don't have very long here...he won't just stay on the boat." he sighed. "We need to get you both...away."

"Who is he?" Dom asked refusing to move. "Why are you here? How did you know that we were in trouble? WHY are we in trouble? I thank you but I am not going anywhere with you until I know what the fuck is going on." Dom said licking his lips and staring at the man. "I am not moving."

"Okay." The man sighed, he stood up. "I'm not going back behind bars." he started walking towards the woods. He turned to Dom and sighed. "Your stubborness could well be the death of you one day...or maybe him." he said nodding to billy.

Dom glared at the man's back and then looked down at Billy. "Wait!" He called out closing his eyes. "Can you help Billy?" he whispered.

The man stopped and sighed. He half turned and looked to him. "I don't know, Dom.." he sighed. "You ever heard of Bad Blood?"

"B... bad blood?" Dom stammered shaking his head. "No... what do you mean?"

"Billy and me...we have bad blood. He's good...I was going to shoot you...I'm bad. I don't think I can help him. Its too much of a risk."

"So.. you aren't going to help him... because he saved my life?!" Dom fired at him sitting up straighter but not leaving Billy. "You are just going to let HIM die because you didn't kill ME?! Because that's what I am hearing from you! I love him, and I am not going to let him die. I didn't tell you to pull out that fucking gun."

The man shook his head. "Im not a doctor." he said.

"Please." Dom whispered. "If you can do anything... please."

He looked down to Billy. "I tied his writs and stuff..." suddenly there was a loud explosion. Back out on the water, the boat was in flames. He looked back to Billy. "All I can do is.." he frowned and closed his eyes. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, there was a crowd of people...police men, and others, all surrounding them all. "I didn't save you." the man sighed. "I set you up." A policeman caught Dom. "We're arresting you under suspicion of possession of drugs." he cuffed Dom

"WHAT?" Dom screamed struggling at the cops. "I don't have any fucking drugs! WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING TALKING ABOUT?!"

The man threw down weed. "A substance like this was flushed in your system a few days ago. We also have proof you have been doing cocaine...it would all add up due to your anger...we have a witness, who saw you on more than one occasion with this problem."

"No! No, you don't understand!" Dom cried pulling away again, only to be shoved to the ground. "No, we found that... and flushed it... it's not mine! I didn't do anything!" Dom shook his head violently. "Billy, what did you do to Billy? He will tell you!" Dom cried harder and shrank his knees to his chest. "It's not mine. and I have never done cocaine!"

They hulled him up and began to lead him away from the fire. "Well he's out because of you...you were the one that set fire to the boat. You were the one that cut him up...Cocain causes illusions...you must have imagined the man in black," they explained. "You must've been dosed up if you can't even remember what you've just done."

"WHAT?" Dom screamed. "I would never hurt Billy! There was someone on the boat! I was over here when it caught fire! Look! look at my neck! I couldn't have done that myself!" Dom was being shoved towards the cars. "BILLY!" He sceamed out "Billy!!! Look, he knows." Dom pointed to the man that had dragged him from the water. "You saw him.. don't do this please, Don't do this!"

"Dom..." A small voice cried. It could barely be heard over all the noise. Billy opened his eyes half-way, the firelight reflecting on his face. He called out again, but watched as they dragged Dom further away.

"Billy!" Dom screamed again as they started shoving him into the back seat of the car. "Fuckers! GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME! BILLY! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Dom screamed as he fell backwards in the seat. "Billy!" He screamed again as the door slammed shut, locking him inside. "Billy!" He pressed himself against the door hoping there was any change it would open and this would all be a dream. The cop that had put the cuffs on his hands got into the front seat and smiled smugly as he started to drive away. It wasn't a dream.

"Wait...wait...the other guy.." one of the officers said. They went back over to Billy. The officer who was in the car sighed and opened the door. "Could be made into a soap opera, couldn't it?" he sniggered. Another cop ran over. "You've got the wrong one...its the other one...he said it was his. All the drugs...he said they were his." The cop in the car sighed. "Christ, take them both down. I don't trust either of them."

"No, they aren't his... Billy!" Dom shook his head as they roughly shoved Billy into the car. Billy slumped against Dom and the door was slammed shut. "Billy... why... why did you tell them that?" Dom whispered kissing Billy's forehead. He cradled Billy's body in his arms and rocked them back and forth as the policemen all got into the cars.

"Because they're not yours." He whispered before closing his eyes. "They're not yours." The drive was slow and long, but once they finally reached the station, Billy and Dom were put in cells oppisit each other. "Don't even try discussing "the truth" when he wakes up." The officer said, slamming the barred-door shut.

Dom looked through the bars at Billy who was crumpled on the ground. They hadn't even bothered to lay him out flat. Dom shook his head wishing he could crawl beside Billy and lay him flat, get him up into the bed, and keep him warm. Dom crawled close to the bars so that when Billy woke, he would know Dom was still there. "Bloody perfect." Dom whispered angrily. Maybe he should've said no to coming to New Zealand with Billy... ever since they had moved here, everything had happened. They couldn't get a minutes rest! He had caused Billy more pain in the last few weeks then he was sure Billy had ever been through. "Fuck up Monaghan is at again." Dom whispered wiping a couple tears away from his cheeks. He looked back at Billy's face which was moving along with what ever he was dreaming of.

"I'm sorry." Dom whispered, and the next thing he saw was darkness.
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