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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve! We had a little gap, sorry it took so long!!

Billy almost fell off the dock into the water as he watched Dom trying to untie the boat and release it before clambering on. Dom had struggled around for about ten minutes tightening the rope before he got frustrated and kicked it. Billy was laughing so hard, he had to really step back to save himself from falling arse over foot.

"Shut up you wanker!" Dom laughed as he sat down in front of the post. "I am going to untie the fucking thing if it's the last thing I do!" Dom said pulling at the rope, tightening it more. He stood and kicked it again as he crossed his arms. "Billy! Help me!"

Billy sniggered, knelt down and twisted the knot slightly, loosening it and it came free. "I had knot lessons!" he giggled. "Remember when I tied you up?"

Dom paused and turned to look at Billy, a smile on his face. "You tied me up?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

Billy giggled. "Oh...you must have been asleep!" he giggled.

"Well, then maybe you need to show me again." Dom whispered stepping off of the dock and into the boat.

Billy stepped on, almost slipping up and he smiled. "You better steer this thing...I'll end up crashing it or something." he smiled.

"No problem. I will have to teach you how to steer sometime." Dom smiled and stepped up into the seat as he threw the ignition switch. "Ready?"

Billy nodded and grinned. "Yep." he giggled. He stood close to Dom and gave him a small kiss. "Its going to be just us," he smiled softly. "We can still have a good day."

Dom smiled and pushed the gas, moving away from the dock. "Just us." Dom smiled reaching to take one of Billy's hands. "Oh, and as you went inside to get the life jackets and everything, I packed us a quick lunch. And wine." Dom smiled.

Billy smiled. "You did?" he giggled. "Sounds nice..." he smiled and took at step back. "This thing has a below-deck?!" he asked. He looked at Dom. "I didn't pay attention in Master and Commander."

"A cabin?" Dom laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, I got one of the big ones so that if we wanted, we could spend the night on the water or something. There is a bathroom and kitchen too. It's crammed, but comfy."

"I think...I should use the bathroom..." he smiled, "and I think staying out at night...I'd like that." he said turning away and headed towards the small door.

Dom smiled and sat back down in the chair as he steered the boat further out of the bay, just breaching where the lake started.

Billy made his way down, taking off his jacket and smiling as he looked around. He got out 2 bottles of beer and then shoved something into his jeans pocket before making his way back up. He wrapped his arms around Dom's shoulders and kissed his neck gently. "Bought you some refreshments." he smiled.

"Thanks luv." Dom smiled leaning onto Billy's shoulder. He cracked open the beer before taking a sip and placing it in the cup holder. "How far out do you want to go?" Dom asked shifting the boat to automatic so it was just drifting as he got out of the chair and stood in front of Billy.

"Doesn't matter...” he said softly. "I'm with you, and I couldn't care less." he gave him a soft kiss and smiled at him. "Are you alright now?" he asked softly.

"Better." Dom smiled kissing Billy again. "And I think I'm getting even more better as the minutes go by."

"I want to show you something." Billy smiled. "Give me your watch."

"Okay..." Dom smiled questioningly as he flipped over his wrist and clicked his watch off.

Billy smiled. "Says its water resistant..." he said looking at the back. He looked to Dom and smiled. "Don't mind if I test it out, do you?" he giggled, simply throwing it over the side and into the water.

Dom blinked and stared past Billy shoulder to where the watch had hit the water. "Billy... you just chucked my watch over board." He whispered blinking a couple more times. "You do know you bought me that 3 years ago and I loved it very much?" He asked moving his eyes to meet Billy's

"Yeah...3 years ago!" He smiled and pulled something out, handing it to Dom. "Thought it was...haha, time for a change!” He said laughing

"Billy!" Dom smiled as he opened the box, a silver Beatles Abbey Road watching staring up at him. "I love it!" He exclaimed throwing his arms around Billy's shoulders.

Billy smiled. "I hoped you would...and its a cuff-one, too." he smiled.

"I love it! Thank you!" Dom whispered taking it out of the box and fixing it onto his wrist. He looked at it and smiled. "I love you." He said turning back to press a kiss to Billy's lips.

"We can still dive in and get the other one!" he giggled.

Dom laughed and shook his head. "Why, you feel like swimming?" Dom asked laughing.

Billy smiled and looked around. They were surrounded by mountains. "Is this not near where we filmed the Fellowship...the Aragonath?"

Dom looked around as well and nodded. "I think it is... but on the other side, after the rapids."

"Its so quiet out here." he smiled. "I love it."

"Wait here..." Dom smiled as he stepped down and slipped into the cabin. He came out with two towels and he threw them onto the front of the boat. "Come here." He smiled holding out a hand to help Billy up to the front. He spread out the towels and sat on top of one.

"Out there?" Billy asked, not stepping up. "On the front?"

"Yes out here!" Dom laughed patting on the towel next to him

"But...there’s only a little rail..." He said taking one small step. "And...its...its.." he gripped the rail.

"Come here!" Dom smiled and held out his hand. "It's safe and I won't let you fall I promise."

Billy took his hand, his face looking worried, and he took a few more steps out and then sat down next to Dom.

"See?" Dom smiled placing an arm around Billy's shoulders. He placed a kiss on Billy's arm before placing his hands behind his head and laying down.

Billy nodded and smiled. "Yeah." he said softly. "Its not too bad."

"Sun feels nice." Dom smiled.

"This feels nice." Billy sighed softly. "Just this...me and you...nothing else."

"It does." Dom sighed with him. He sat up quickly and pulled his shirt over his head and chucked it into the boat. "I need a tan." He giggled.

Billy smiled. "Or you're just trying to turn me on." he smiled.

"Maybe." Dom smiled stretching his arms out yawning. "Is it working?"

Billy nodded. "You don't need to take off your shirt to turn me on, Dom."

Dom smiled and winked at Billy. "Lay down with me." he smiled as he looked up at Billy.

Billy smiled and rested down next to him, laying on his side facing Dom.

"This is even better then before." Dom smiled at Billy,

Billy leaned forwards and kissed him gently, he moved his arms so that one was under Dom's head, and he could run his fingers through his hair. His other arm rested over Dom and he rubbed his hand along his back.

Dom moved closer to Billy, placing one hand on Billy's back to pull him closer. He slipped his tongue into Billy's mouth and licked the sensitive part on the roof of his mouth,

Billy smiled gently pulled away. "Want to take this below deck?" he smiled. "I made it all nice and comfy down there."

Dom smiled back and nodded as he pulled Billy up with him. Carefully he jumped down to the lower deck, helping Billy down so Billy wouldn't hurt his hip. "After you." He whispered.

Billy smiled and pulled back the curtain, he'd made the bed as comfy as he could given the fact it was very tiny. He'd even left scented things around so it smelled of citrus. He knew Dom loved that smell. He smiled back at him and sat down.

"Citrus." Dom breathed out slowly. He smiled and walked closer to the bed. He ran a hand through Billy's hair as he pushed Billy back onto the bed, moving himself so he was resting over Billy. He pressed their lips together after making sure Billy was comfortable and on the pillow.

"This is very comfy...” he giggled from under Dom. "Pretty tight.." he giggled again and ran his hands under Dom's t-shirt. He carefully pulled it up over Dom and smiled up at him. "Your arms are the best." he smiled, kissing Dom's shoulder. "And your eyes.." he said moving up to kiss Dom's lips.

Dom laughed and moved close to Billy as Billy's hands went over a sensitive spot on his sides. "Ticklish." He laughed, moving his leg between Billy's as he grabbed the bottom of Billy's shirt and pulled it up. "My eyes are nothing compared to yours... I can get lost in them." Dom whispered kissing Billy's nose and pausing, locking their eyes.

Smiled and blinked a little. "But yours...I like the color, Dom...I was meant to have that color, you know." he smiled. He ran his hand over Dom's face and then through his hair. "And you're eyelashes, Dom. I love them."

Dom smiled and moved down to Billy's cheek. He blinked frantically, tickling Billy's cheeks with his eyelashes. "Butterfly kisses!" he laughed.

Billy giggled. "You're an idiot!" he caught Dom's face and kissed him gently on the lips. "Scottish kisses." he sniggered.

"I am an idiot." Dom laughed kissing Billy. "But, I am your idiot."

Billy smiled and shook his head, kissing him softly. "You're my Dom." he smiled. "Nothing more, nothing less."

"Good." Dom smiled and kissed Billy again. "And you are my Billy. My lovely Billy."

Billy smiled and sighed softly. He ran his hands down Dom's back and reached his jeans, tugging on the belt. He gently kissed along his neck as he unfasten it and then nibbled a little on Dom's ear as he unbuttoned Dom's jeans. He kissed along Dom's chest and collarbone and sighed against his skin, whispering "I love you."

Dom breathed against Billy's neck as he whispered. "I love you too." He kissed Billy's neck lightly before biting softly on Billy's collar bone. His fingers working fast to undo Billy's pant buttons.

"I bought all we needed,.." Billy whispered. "In case this happened.." he smiled, kissing Dom below the ear.

"Thinking ahead?" Dom smiled pressing himself down on Billy. He wrapped an arm around the back of Billy's head and kissed him

Billy nodded. "Hoping more like." he smiled.

Dom smiled back and kissed Billy's lips. "Well you are a better thinker then me." Dom laughed lightly. "For the past three hours I have been thinking of this and even before we left! But I didn't bring anything. Except Champagne." Dom smiled and kissed Billy again

Billy smiled. "Well champagne is good, too." he smiled. Billy sighed softly and kissed his nose. "I've been thinking about it, too." He suddenly giggled. "So..." He smirked. "If I was a lady, you would have only bought drinks...Dom! You could have gotten me pregnant and everything!"

Dom giggled and ran his hand along the back of Billy's head. "Aye, good thing you aren't a girl then, yeah?" Dom smiled and kissed Billy. "If you were a girl I would probably not even mention it and settle for making out. I've never actually felt this way about any other person. Ever."

Billy smiled. "I haven't either...why did we take so long, Dom...I sometimes wish we could have said something sooner." he whispered.

"I don't know.... but were together now." Dom whispered back

Billy nodded and sat up a little, pulling back the curtain. "Its getting dark, Dom...you can see all the stars coming through." he smiled.

Dom looked out the window and propped himself up. He fastened the curtain and laid himself over Billy. "They're beautiful. You know... this could be like a movie." Dom turned back to face Billy. "Making love, underneath the stars, off and away in our own little world."

Billy sniggered. "Like a porno?"

Dom stuck his tongue out at Billy. "So romantic Bills."

He smiled. "No..it could be...look at the moon reflection on the water." he smiled.

Dom shook his head and leaned down to kiss Billy. "I like it better reflection across you."

Billy smiled and tugged Dom's jeans off before gently pulling at his boxers. "I never did it in the moonlight before." he whispered softly, kissing Dom a little harder.

"First time for everything." Dom whispered kicking his jeans off of the bed and pulling of Billy's. "You are beautiful."

Billy smiled and kissed him again. "I feel different, Dom..." he smiled and bit his lip. "I feel...like...I want it...really bad." he said, suddenly finding his confidence

"What do you mean different?" Dom asked kissing Billy back. "And I want it bad. I want you bad."

"I feel..." he kissed him hard. "Like I really, really, really want it...like I need it."

Dom pulled Billy up, pressing his tongue into Billy's mouth. He pressed their bodies together hoping that provided the answer that he felt the same way.

Billy let out a soft moan and closed his eyes, kissing Dom fast and hard, pushing himself against Dom tightly. He held Dom close to him and pulled him towards him, kissing him deeply.

Dom moved and arm down Billy's side and around his back, trying to feel as much of him as he could. He smiled against Billy's lips as he tasted the trace of mint. He must've been chewing gum before.

Billy moved his hand down and pulled out the protection and things from the side of the bed. He half handed them to Dom as he kissed him harder and pushed himself upwards against Dom even more.

Dom groaned against Billy's mouth as he pulled away taking in a deep breath as he looked down at the supplies in his hand. "Right now?” He asked kissing Billy softly.

Billy gently nibbled Dom's lip and nodded. "Right now." he said kissing him hard.

"Okay." Dom nodded as he ripped open the small blue package. "I love you." He whispered kissing Billy as he put the condom on. "So much."

"You...you want to right now too, though?" he asked quickly, taking Dom's hand. "I don't want to if you don't."

"Billy... If I ever say I don't want to do anything with you... smack me." Dom replied kissing Billy

Billy frowned slightly and sat up. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked again, his face serious.

"Yes. I am sure." Dom replied running a hand over Billy's face. "I have never been more sure."

Billy smiled and kissed Dom gently again before laying back. "Alright." he smiled.

Dom smiled and kissed Billy softly again, his hand running along Billy's thigh. "I never thought I could ever love someone as much as I love you."

Billy smiled. "I don't think I've even started loving you as much as it's possible...there’s just so much I feel for you." he said softly. "Too much..." he smiled. "I love all of you, Dom. Everything about you...about who you are...what you are...all of it." he said, his voice soft.

"I think I have always loved you." Dom whispered. "I just didn't know it yet."

Billy smiled. "Its completely dark outside now, Dommie...the moon is right over the window." he kissed him gently. "I love you."

"I love you too." Dom whispered. "I want you Billy."

"I need you, Dom...I want you so bad..." he kissed Dom hard. "Really bad," he whispered into his mouth.

Dom nodded kissing Billy back as he opened the bottle of lube that had been laid beside them. "Ready?" He asked after he had poured a generous amount onto his fingers.

Billy nodded and smiled, his face completely full of trust. "Yes." he smiled.

"Okay." Dom whispered, pressing their lips together. He moved his hand down and pressed a finger into Billy's tight hole. "Okay yeah?" Dom asked looking into Billy's eyes.

Billy nodded and leaned up to kiss him. "Yeah." he said softly. "Its ok." he smiled.

"Okay." Dom nodded and pressed a second finger in. With a nod from Billy he pressed a third finger and then a fourth. He paused and let Billy get adjusted to the intrusion. "Yeah?"

Billy nodded, biting his lip and he narrowed his eyes slightly, lifting himself upwards a bit. "Yeah.." he said after a while. "Yeah." he repeated and nodded.

"Sure?" Dom asked looking at Billy

Billy nodded. "Yeah." he said smiling. "I’m sure."

"Okay." Dom smiled as he slipped his fingers out and grabbed the lube again. "Ready?" He whispered smiling as he pressed his lips to Billy's and slid into him.

Billy nodded and smiled, pushing himself upwards. "I love you Dom.." he whispered, holding on to his shoulders.

"I love you too Billy." Dom whispered kissing Billy softly as he pulled out and slid back in again slowly. He repeated the action, feeling Billy squeeze his shoulder.

Billy smiled and pushed himself upwards a little. He sighed against Dom's neck and nodded. "That’s good, Dom.." he whispered softly.

"You're good." Dom whispered thrusting in a little faster then he was before. "I need you... forever."

Billy gave a small moan and closed his eyes. "Good. I need you forever, too." he sighed.

"You have me forever." Dom whispered moving faster. His tongue darted out and he licked a stripe from Billy's collar to his jaw bone. He placed a kiss on Billy's neck.

Billy gave another soft cry. "Forever is a long time.." he whispered. "But I want to be yours forever and a day."

"You will always be mine. Forever and a Day and a day after that. And I will always be yours." He smiled, his breath becoming short as he moved his pace faster

Billy pushed up, matching Dom's pace. "It’s good..." he said, his voice catching. His hold tightened on Dom a little more as he pushed upwards again. "Dom...I love you...this...its so good." he cried again.

Dom nodded frantically as he moved faster and grabbed Billy with his hand, matching his pace. "So good." He whispered

Billy buried his face into Dom's shoulder giving small cries against him. He pushed himself upwards feeling Dom more deeply. "Don't stop." he whispered. He pushed upwards once more and gave another small cry.

"I won't." Dom whispered thrusting harder and faster. "Oh god Billy..." Dom gasped shutting his eyes. "Billy... Oh god Billy...”

Billy held Dom so tightly and pushed himself right up. "Dom.." he whispered softly, closing his eyes, too. He arched upwards a little more and suddenly screamed out. He pulled Dom as close to him as he could. "Dom!!" He shouted.

"Billy!" Dom cried pushing up and thrusting hard, closing his eyes as Billy's nails dug into his back. He braced himself on the bed and grabbed the covers in his fists as he moved faster and harder. "Billy!" He screamed.

"Oh my god.." Billy held him even tighter, even though he never thought it possible. He pushed upwards as much as he could, he matched Dom's pace and ground up as hard as he could. "Dom..nearly...Dom...there..." he cried.

"Billy.." Dom whispered huskily into Billy's ear as he moved his hand along Billy and moved himself deeper. "I'm... I'm... gonna... god, come with me Billy..." He whispered kissing Billy's mouth fast before arching himself and crying out Billy's name.,

"Oh my god, Dom!" he was screaming out now. He'd never been this loud before with anyone, but he felt intense. He felt Dom pushing in deeper and he cried out again, feeling himself almost done. He pushed up and half-nodded into Dom's shoulder. "I am.." he cried. "I’m coming!"

"Billy!" Dom screamed out feeling his release and Billy's which went all over their stomachs and Dom's hand. He shuddered before collapsing on top of Billy, out of breath. He moved aside slowly, to make sure he hadn't crushed Billy, then he leaned up and kissed Billy's lips.

"Oh my god, dom.." Billy whispered softly as his lips brushed Dom's. He ran his hand along Dom's face and kissed him again. "I love you so much.." he whispered and he pulled the covers over them both. "I love you, so, so much."

"I love you too." Dom whispered kissing Billy again. "Look..." Dom whispered nodding over to the still open window. "The moon must be right above us now..." Dom looked at Billy and kissed him again. "Want to go up and lay under the stars with me?" He whispered into Billy's ear.

Billy half nodded and smiled. "Its so warm down here.." He gathered up some covers and looked to Dom. "Lets take these with us." he smiled.

Dom nodded and wrapped and arm around Billy's waist, his hand low on Billy's hip. He kissed Billy's shoulder and they both walked up to the upper deck. Pushing away the tools and everything else scattered on the deck Dom helped Billy spread out the blankets in a nest type thing. "We won't go up on the top.. if we fall asleep, we'll fall off." He giggled dropping to his knees, holding out his hands

Billy smiled. "If I go, you're coming with me!" he took Dom's hands and snuggled down next to him. "You can see loads!" he said, his voice catching a little as he looked up to all the stars above them. "Look at them all, Dom!"

"They're beautiful." Dom smiled wrapping his arms around Billy and pulling a comforter over them. "You can't see stars like these in LA."

Billy looked a little sad when he said that but nodded. "You can in Glasgow...a little."

Dom smiled and rested his head beside Billy's. Under the covers, he took Billy's hand and traced circles on the back of Billy's hand. "How's your hip?" Dom asked

"Its okay...a little sore." he said softly. "I don't know...going to have a pretty cool scar!" he smiled.

Dom giggled and kissed Billy's temple. "Probably. But, that’s okay right? You can show off your battle scars. I brought some Advil incase it acts up and its starts hurting, just so you know."

Billy smiled. "Alright.” He kissed Dom gently before sighing a little. "But Dom...I talked to Orlando...after he left...he said the weed wasn't his..." Billy sighed a little. "I’m not saying it was yours...but Dom...where did it come from?"

Dom sighed and leaned in closer to Billy. "I don't know Bills I really don't. It wasn't mine though. You believe me don't you?" Dom whispered closing his eyes.

Billy nodded. He ran his hand over Dom's face. "Of course I do." he frowned slightly. "Just wish I knew where it came from..." he kissed Dom's cheek. "But I know it wasn't yours."

Dom sighed again and pulled himself closer to Billy. "Well, I have an idea... I know Viggo does it from time to time, but cuts down because of Henry... on the set we would do it together occasionally just for the hell of it before I got addicted..."

Billy didn't answer. He stayed close to Dom but remained silent. He gave the stars one last look before laying right down in the nest of covers Dom had made. He gave a small sigh, closing his eyes.

Dom ran a hand along Billy's back and continued looking at the stars. It had been a long day, but this had to be the perfect ending. "I love you Bills." Dom whispered.
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