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Chapter Eleven

Billy woke up and smiled, seeing Dom sleeping so peacefully next to him. He gave a small sigh and gently moved out of bed. He made his way to the hall and into the bathroom, turning on the light stunning him at the brightness. He blinked a few times, had a piss and sighed as he opened the bathroom cabinet, looking for some painkillers. He stopped when his hand brushed over something. He stood up a little, looking in and he pulled out a small brown packet. He frowned opening it and sniffing it. "Fuck...” he whispered, realizing it was weed.

Dom heard the toilet flush and he rolled over and curled up in the spot Billy had been in. He breathed in the scent of Billy on the pillow and smiled.

Billy sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He didn't know what to do. Everything was just so perfect. He didn't want to ruin it, but Dom would be ruining himself if what Billy was assuming was true. He put the lid down and sat on the toilet, holding the packet in his hands.

Dom sat up a little and looked out the door. Yawning, he rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxers. "Bills? You okay?" Dom asked knocking on the door.

Billy jumped a little. He remained silent for a short time. "Uh..yes." he said, his mind buzzing at what to do,

"What are you doing?" Dom giggled leaning against the wall

"Nothing." Billy answered softly. "I’m not doing anything."

"Billy?" Dom asked softly

"What, Dom...?" he asked, his voice rising slightly.

"Billy, I'm coming in okay?" Dom asked pushing lightly on the door.

"Dom!" He stood up, dropping the packet but scooped it up just as the door opened.

"Billy?" Dom asked stepping in and shutting the door behind him. "What's up?" He asked looking concerned

Billy looked away for a moment and frowned a little. "I’m not going to judge you..." he said softly. "But...I think you need to explain something to me." he said, holding up the packet.

Dom looked confused as he reached out and took the brown packet. Opening it he sprinkled a bit of the pot onto his hand. "Shite!" He swore dropping the bag as if it was on fire. "You think this is mine Billy?! You think I am lying to you or something? That's NOT mine." Dom said taking a step back

"I never said that." Billy said very softly. "I don't know what to think Dom." he said as calmly as he could,

"That's not mine." Dom repeated.

"Alright.." Billy said, kneeling down to brush it to his hands. He turned towards the toilet. "Won't matter if I flush it, then?"

"No..." Dom said looking away and then back to the packet. Billy picked it up and was about to drop it. "Wait! Why did you think it was me?" Dom asked hoping to stall Billy. It wasn't his. He knew that. He was clean! But the smell... He looked away again not wanting to meet Billy's eyes

"I can give you one more chance...do you want me to flush it?" he asked, knowing full well Dom was breaking slightly. "I didn't know whose it was...and I never accused you that it was yours." He lowered his hand slightly.

"No!" Dom cried out then cursed. "It's not mine I swear. But... it's someone's right? And it’s expensive. And they could get mad. And..." Dom said rambling on as he watched Billy move his hand back again

"And there's no-one else here but us...so there's no one here to get mad about me..." he tipped his hand very slowly. "Flushing it."

"NO!" Dom said again and found himself moving forward. "Its... its..." He started, feeling the need of having the bag back in his hands. WHY had he dropped it? "I... they... It could be Orlando's... or Viggo's... and they left last night yes but still."

"Dom...This isn't yours. And if you want it..." Billy moved his hand out so it was in front of Dom. "Since they're not here anymore." He held his hand open, his eyes burning into Dom's.

Dom looked at the bag Billy was holding out for him, just daring him to take it. Dom looked up and met Billy's eyes. He moved his hand out before snapping it to his side. Shaking slightly he tore open the bathroom door and ran down the hall back to his room. He fell to the ground, sobs shaking his shoulders.

Billy quickly flushed it, washing his own hands and then headed down after Dom. He closed the door and knelt beside him. He very carefully rested his hand on Dom's back. "You made the right choice, Dom." Billy whispered very softly.

Dom tried to pull away. "No... no... I wanted it!" He cried out pushing back. "I wanted to take it, in the worse way." He whispered curling up into a ball.

Billy crawled down next to him, his head resting on the floor. "But you didn't, Dom...You could have, but you didn't." he whispered.

"But I wanted to." Dom whispered crawling into Billy's arms. "And I... I felt torn." He cried, voice cracking.

"You don't have to be torn, Dom.." Billy whispered pulling him close and holding him tight. "That was a test...a hard one...but one you didn't fail...there could be times when it happens and there won't always be someone around to stop you...you're just learning how to do it on your own. You wanted to, Dom, but you didn't, did you?"

"No." Dom whispered, not even sure if he was actually talking out loud. "If I had, you would've hated me."

"I wouldn't have hated you, Dom." Billy said. He cradled Dom in his arms. "It just means we still have work to you...you're clean, yes, but now you need to learn how to not give into it.." Billy gave a small sigh. "It’s gone now," he whispered. "And me and you... we’re still here and we're ok. And I will never, ever hate you. I promised you a long time ago, that I'd help you with this. It doesn't stop now, Dom...I’m still here. I’m still going to help." he kissed Dom's forehead gently.

"I know... But I still thought you were going to leave. Like everyone else. They all left." Dom whispered clutching the back of Billy's shirt.

"I’m not everyone else." he whispered, holding Dom tighter. "I’m your Pippin. Pippin wouldn't go anywhere without his Merry." he said softly.

Dom started crying again. "I know... and I am your Merry and I need my Pippin, I do." Dom whispered kissing Billy's shirt.

"And I'm right here...and I'll be here for whenever you need me...for anything..."he moved down and kissed Dom's nose."Forever."

"I love you." Dom whispered wiping a fist across his cheeks. "I'm sorry..."

"Why are you sorry?" he asked, genuinely surprised.

"For almost messing up again." Dom replied

Billy sighed. "You shouldn't be sorry." he said softly. He slowly stood them both and he pulled back the covers, helping Dom in and then covering him up. He went to his side, got in and laid next to him. He gently ran his hand over Dom's face. "You didn't ever mess up, Dom... Not even when all this started. You just got lost...” Billy sighed. "But you'll always find your way back. I promise I'll help you to find your way...when it seems like you can't, I'll still be here, alright?"

Dom nodded and bit his lip. Moving closer he wrapped and arm around Billy's waist and buried his head in the crook of Billy's neck. "You're my angel I think Bills."

"I’m just your Pippin." Billy sighed. "Dom...” Billy sat up. "I want you to do something."

"Yes?" Dom asked softly looking up into Billy's eyes, wiping away a couple stray tears that had fallen.

Billy pulled back the covers, getting out and reaching for Dom's hand. He lead him down the hall and back to the bathroom. A few strands of pot still lay on the tiles. Billy walked in and looked back to Dom. "I’m going to stay here... I’m going to be with you...But I want you to flush it." He said nodding to the floor.

Dom stood and stared at the tiles. "I... I can't touch it." He whispered looking at Billy. "I'm scared."

"Yes, Dom you can." He stepped in and sat down on the floor. He bit his lip and looked up to him. "Come here."

Dom looked down and sat down so he was a little behind Billy. Like he was being sheltered.

"Look at it Dom...its like...it's like burnt grass." he said softly. "It’s burnt grass and its not good for you...but you want it, right?"

Dom bit his lip and looked over Billy's shoulder. Slowly he shook his head. "But I don't need it." He whispered.

Billy rolled up his sleeve. "And look..." he said nodding to the scars. "That's done with a blunt razor...shared metal, and that burns, too...and it’s not good for me...I do it, but I don't need it." he said softly, eyeing Dom carefully.

Dom looked at Billy's arm and then into Billy's eyes as he swept up the stray pot from the tiles. "We don't need it." Dom whispered looking at his hand.

Billy pulled out some scissors he'd picked up and nodded. "I need you...to stop me from doing this.." he said very carefully resting the blades on his skin. "And you need me to stop you doing that." he said looking to Dom's hand.

"Billy!" Dom said sitting up a little straighter as he stared at the blades of the scissors. "Don't."

"I don't want to." he said, looking at Dom. "But you know when you just...you can't help it...and something in you...pulls you to it?" he didn't press it to his skin. He held it carefully and looked at Dom. "When it's pulling you...you don't think about the people you love...the people it can hurt."

Dom nodded. "And..." He said as a tear rolled down his cheek. "When the people you know you are hurting want to help you... you get trapped. You don't know how to react. You are pulled. By what you think you need and what you really need. The power over comes you...."

Billy nodded. "Its in your hand Dom.." Billy pulled out some papers. "You can roll it.." he placed them in front of him and then placed a lighter in front of him. "You don't want me to do this...I don't want you to do that.." He pressed it a little on his skin now. "What should we do?" he asked, "Do we get pulled or...do we trust the ones we love?"

Dom let another tear roll down his cheek before he carefully grabbed the paper. He looked at Billy and saw him press a little harder on the scissors. Dom took a deep breath and placed the pot from his hand in the paper. He looked at Billy again and saw Billy shaking as he pressed the scissors harder to his skin. Dom reached out and ripped the scissors out of Billy's hands as he flung then across the bathroom. He crumpled the paper and dropped it quickly in the toilet before reaching out to grab Billy and pull him to his chest. Burying his face in Billy's shirt he took Billy's hand with him and they, together, flushed the toilet.

Billy bit his lip, turned away from Dom and reached for the scissors. He held Dom's hand with his other as he opened the window and threw them out the window, his hand tightening on Dom's. He turned to Dom and didn't speak. He just leaned forwards and held him close.

Dom's hands ran over Billy's back as he hugged him tighter. "Billy..." Dom whispered as Billy looked up. Dom smiled and pressed his lips to Billy's.

Billy closed his eyes and kissed Dom back, feeling tears run down his face. He moved his hand up to Dom's face and felt his tears. He brushed them lightly with his thumb and pulled Dom a little closer to him. "I think they call this freedom." he whispered.

"A new chapter." Dom whispered laughing lightly as kissed Billy again. "A new life."


"Table for two please." Dom smiled at the waitress as he placed his hand in Billy's and followed the woman to their booth. They were at the cafe down the street for lunch, on their 'Us Day' as Dom decided to call it. "Hungry?" Dom smiled

Billy nodded and smiled. "Starving." he grinned. They took their seats and she handed them the menus and left them to decide as she went to get them drinks. He couldn't seem to stop smiling today.

Dom looked over his menu and tapped Billy's foot lightly with his own. He licked his lips, holding back a giggle as he pretended to read the menu. Everything was all blurred... Billy would order for him anyways if he gave him a look like they used to do. "Can you read my mind?" Dom asked smiling

"Depends on what’s going through your mind." Billy sniggered. "I would imagine right now you want...sex starter, mojo main course and sensational sweet." Billy concluded.

Dom blinked and smiled. "Damn you are good." he laughed and tapped Billy's foot again.

Billy smiled as the waitress came back. "Just a large triple cheese-burger for him and pasta bake for me, please." he smiled and then thanked her for the drinks. He looked back to Dom. "We could go out on the boat, later." he smiled.

Dom laughed lightly and took a sip of his cola. "That sounds good."

Billy nodded. "Unless there’s anything else you wanted to do?" he asked smiling.

Dom raised his eyebrows, about to reply as a little girl came walking up to their table, an anxious older sister shaking behind her. The older girl was staring at the two of them, clearly excited. Dom exchanged a quick look with Billy.

"Umm Merry? Pippin?" The little girl spoke softly. "I wanted to say hello cause I sawed you when you were with frodo. And I wanted to make sure that you were really okay and.." She paused and climbed up on the seat next to Billy as she hugged his neck. "And I wanted to tells you that you singded very nice and that I am glad that you found your Merry." She climbed down and went to whisperer in Dom's ear. "Merry needs his Pippin. My mommy told me that." She hugged Dom before hopping back down and looking at the ground.

Billy raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled. "Well, that's very nice of you.." he said, scratching his head. "And I'm pleased I found my Merry, too." he said, glancing to Dom and then smiling back to the girl. "So, uh..whats your name then?"

The little girl looked up, a smile stretched out over her face. "My name is Gwendallyn but you can call me Gwen. Or Gwennie. Not Pipsqueak though... my sister Ashley calls me that." She said smiling and moving to climb into the booth next to Billy. She sat down and sat up straight, pulling away from her older sister who now looked horrified.

"Alright.." Billy smiled. He moved one of the napkins and pulled out a pen. "So, uh..Gwennie.." he wrote. He grinned a little as he scribbled down a picture of what he was proud to show as Pippin and Merry. He drew arrows pointing to each hobbit with their names at the top. "Here's Merry..." he said as he drew it. "And here's Pippin." he smiled. He signed it "lots of love, Pippin Took" and then bought out another napkin and wrote out "Ashley, nicknames can be fun. Lots of love, Billy Boyd" and he passed it to Dom to sign too.

Dom smiled as he signed 'Especially to fools of a took. Love, Dom Monaghan' on Ashley’s and Hobbit Love, Merry Brandybuck with a small mushroom on Gwen's. "Here." He smiled as he handed it to Ashley.

"Thanks." She squeaked as she grabbed it, plastering a smile on her face.

"Thank you Merry! Thank you Pip!" Gwen smiled hugging them each again before running to take her sister's hand. Dom and Billy looked at each other smiling and Dom put up three fingers. "Wait for the squeal..." He laughed. He put down a finger and he and Billy leaned over waiting for it to happen.

"You looked funny… were those your monaboyd people?" They heard the little girl giggle and watched as Ashley grabbed her off the ground and ran off to where her parents were waiting.

Billy bit his lip and sniggered. "Two.." he counted. They were outside now, but as soon as the door had closed both the girls screamed and jumped around a bit before talking loudly and excitedly about their experience. Billy looked to Dom. "Only two?" He grinned. "Gets less and less each time," he giggled. Billy smiled and leaned over to Dom. "You okay?" he asked softly.

"Never better." Dom answered taking one of Billy's hands.

Billy smiled and leaned to one side. "Before anyone comes over to us.." he pulled something out of his pocket. "Here." he smiled. He handed Dom a little black box.

Dom smiled up at Billy as he took the back box. "Want me to open it now?" He asked slowly opening it. He looked down and heard himself gasp. "Billy!"

Billy smiled. "Put it on...” he said softy. "Well... I mean...I took one of your other rings to get the right size...I’m sorry if it doesn't fit."

Dom slipped the ring out of the box and gently slid it onto his finger. "Perfect fit." Dom whispered as he giggled. "You know... this is kind of ironic." Dom whispered.

Billy tilted his head. "Why's that?" he asked softly.

"Well..." Dom smiled and reached into his jeans. "Yesterday, when you went to go visit Maggie and I stayed to clean up a little bit, I didn’t actually stay home." Dom smiled and held out a red velvet box. "I went to a small shop and got this."

Billy opened the box and smiled. He traced his finger over the pattern and smiled to Dom. "I love it.." he said softly. He took it out and put it on, smiling to Dom. "I love you. Can I tell you something?" he asked softly.

"Anything!" Dom replied

"I think I might be pregnant." he said softly. Billy smiled and handed Dom a card. "I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. Wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay. With love to you forever and always. Your Pippin."

"Aww Bills!" Dom said after reading it. "I love you." He said leaning across the table to give him a quick kiss.

The waitress bought their food over, however shortly after a girl came in. She walked over to the table. "Dom Monaghan, right?" she asked.

"Yes, that’s me." Dom relied smiling and looking at Billy quickly.

She nodded. "Right...the Dom Monaghan?" he asked, scooting to sit next to him.

"Um... I guess." He replied

"The one who is supposedly bi or gay, who has anger problems and is a drug-addict? That Dom Monaghan?"

Dom blinked a couple times. "What?" He asked and looked at Billy. "What?!"

Billy frowned. "Was there anything you wanted in particular?" he asked narrowing his eyes at her. She ignored Billy.

"The one who proposed to Evi Lilly, even though she's supposedly married?" she asked Dom, moving closer to him.

"What?!" Dom exclaimed jumping up. "I thought you just said I was gay." He glared at the girl, not liking her at all. "For you information Evi and I are over."

Billy closed his eyes and sighed. "Dom. Sit down." he said, softly.

The girl smiled. "So its true about the whole anger issue then...have you ever considered getting help for that?" she asked.

"I do NOT have anger issues." He growled, sitting down and taking a deep breath.

The girl smiled again. "What about reports of you doing weed, coke and speed?" she asked.

"Not true." Dom said.

"What about you being the reason your very best friend wanting to end it because you weren't there for him enough?"

"I..." Dom froze and looked intently at the girl. "What?" He whispered. "What did you just ask?" He said, his voice cracking.

Billy leaned forwards. "I’m sorry...I think maybe you should leave." Billy said.

The girl turned to him and narrowed her eyes. "And what about..." the girl looked back to Dom. "The fact you smashed up my best friends camera and I have to deal with her being in hospital?" she asked. "You mess your own friendships up, and then feel the need to ruin other peoples?" she asked him very coldly.

Dom looked confused for a second and then it clicked. "I am sorry your friend is in the hospital but I wasn't the one that fired the gun. Her father did. I only smashed the memory card and MAYBE she shouldn't have been taking pictures she knew she shouldn't have taken." Dom said, ignoring the fact that he was now shaking. "And as for you." He reached across the table to take Billy's hand. He gave it a squeeze and continued. "You have no right what so ever to say anything to me."

The girl seemed to grow very angry. She stood up and spat in Billy's food before flipping Dom's plate over, his food going everywhere. Billy huffed and pushed his plate forwards. "Get the fuck out!" he suddenly shouted. "Leave us the fuck alone, alright? You don't know jack about anything. I’m sorry for your friend, but that wasn't Dom's fault...and as for that internet crap you just spouted...well I'd suggest you start looking at other sites...ones that aren't full of all that happy horse shit you seem to be coming up with. Just fucking get out!"

Dom looked down at the plates and reached to get napkins to start cleaning up the mess. "Just leave." He said to the form still in the seat next to him.

The girl stood up, sizing up to Billy. "Fucking losers." she screamed. She shoved Billy backwards, but as she did so a large man came over and pulled her. He shouted at her to leave them alone and to get out, but because she caused so much fuss, he had no choice but to call the police. She was taken into the back room and had to wait for the police to come and arrest her for causing trouble. Billy pulled himself up, he gave a small sighed and looked to Dom. "Are you alright?" he asked softly.

Dom nodded and continued to clean the table. "You?" He whispered

Billy shook his head, walked over to Dom's side and lowered himself. "No." he said. "Not when you aren't." he said softly. He took Dom's hand and lead him through to the toilets. He made sure no-one was around before locking them both in the cubicle and sitting Dom down. He knelt down in front of him and sighed. "Dom...its okay." he whispered.

"No." Dom whispered choking back his tears. "No it's not!"

Billy sighed and leaned upwards, resting his hands on Dom's shoulders. "She's just a stupid girl...she doesn't know what she’s saying.." he whispered.

"But Billy...." Dom whispered tears now falling down his cheeks. "She is right, all that she said. I'm a fucking screw up aren't I?" He cried out hitting the side of the wall. "Look! There I fucking go AGAIN! Fucking anger issues huh?!" Dom screamed out falling down on the floor next to Billy.

"No, Dom you aren't..." he wrapped his arms tightly around Dom. "You're not...alright...your a human...a normal human being in a celebrity’s world...they think it makes you different, all that fame, but it doesn't...it doesn't Dom..." Billy sighed and rocked him slightly. "She's just out to hurt you...she means to do it...she wants this, Dom...she wants this to happen."

"Well then she fucking got her wish!" Dom hissed and molded into Billy's form. "I did do weed Billy. I have a temper. I almost killed her best friend by moving. And I almost lost you by my own fucking stupidity. More then once."

Billy closed his eyes and calmed himself down before speaking again. "I moved us out of the way, Dom...it was me that moved us." he gave a small sigh. "And who doesn't have a fucking temper? You'd have to be pretty super-human not to have one. And you didn't lose me...you were lost yourself...we both were, Dom...we were both lost...but we found each other, didn't we?" he asked softly. "And look where we are now...look at us now...you and me...we're together...finally after all this time, we've found what really makes us happy. People like her will never be happy, Dom...ever. But we are...like last night...you showed me what real love was, Dom, and then we made that pact...and today...we've had a slip, but its not over...the day isn't over and there's still time...we have these rings, Dom these promise rings of our love for each other...we have all we need. Nothing else matters, Dom, it really doesn't."

Dom let another sob lose before he buried his head in Dom's shoulder. "I know... I know..." He cried. He took Billy's face in his hands and kissed him gently. "And now, I bet I look like shite." He laughed and wiped his eyes on his shirt. "You always save me." He whispered folding into Billy's arms again,.

"You don't.." he said softly. He kissed Dom gently. "But we do have a small problem," Billy whispered, trying hard not to laugh.

"What?" Dom sniffed and smiled softly.

"We...uh...well me and toilets never go well together and...well, the lock...it's kind of in my hand and not in the door."

"What?" Dom asked, his eyes getting big. "You've got to be joking." He giggled wrapping his arms around Billy and kissing him again. "Locked in a bathroom. At least were together."

"But...we're trapped!" he giggled, opening his hand and showing Dom the hook. "See!"

"Hold on..." Dom said dropping to the ground on his back. "The names Mon. Dom Mon." He giggled before shuffling himself under the door. "SHITE!" He bellowed as his head hit the wall. "Fucking head... Back away from the door Bills." He said as he kicked the door hard. On the third kick it popped open and Dom craned his neck to see Billy staring at him laughing.

"Fucking hell Dom!" He giggled. He fell forwards laughing and stumbled over to Dom, pushing him back against the wall and pressing his lips hard against Dom's. "The hero of the day always needs to be rewarded!" he breathed against Dom's mouth.

Dom moaned in response and pulled Billy closer to him. Someone at the bathroom door banged loudly, shouting they had to go. "We best be getting out then huh Bills?" Dom laughed looking at the door

Billy giggled a little and nodded. "Lets go on the boat.." he smiled giving Dom a quick kiss. "Lets just get away from everyone for a while." he smiled and went to the door.

"It's a plan." Dom smiled as they unlocked the door and an angry man stumbled in. They paid for their ruined food, forgetting their stomachs, and walked out of the restaurant.
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