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Chapter Ten

WERE ON FIRE! hahahah

The car journey home was quiet. Dom had been given a rental car until he could get a new one. Billy stayed silent, looking out of the window and just wanting to be home.

"Are you mad?" Dom whispered as he parked the car in front of their house. Around back they could see Orlando and Viggo entertaining a woman who must've been Kirsten. Dom looked down at his lap and waited for the response.

Billy shook his head. "I didn't know we had someone else coming." he said, passing Dom's question.

"Oh... Orlando mentioned it and I guess it happened.... But Bills... are you mad at me?" Dom said quietly closing his eyes.

Billy got out the car, pulling his keys out. "I’m going to get some stuff together...probably stay with Maggie for a while...I'll only be down the street." he said closing the car door and heading towards the house.

Dom blinked a couple times, his eyes beginning to glisten. Slowly he got out of the car and went into the house. Billy was already up the stairs and in his room. "Please don't go Billy." Dom said blocking the door way as he got to the room.

"I don't feel like entertaining everyone...must be the painkillers or something." his back was turned. His voice wasn't angry, but normally, when Billy was really annoyed, he sounded calm. "I'd just bring down everyone's mood. You're better at hosting than me." he grabbed another shirt.

"This isn't fucking about hosting anything and you know it!" Dom fired out, feeling an angry loss fill him. He shook his head, he hadn't meant to sound angry... it had just happened.

"I don't like everyone here...you know that...we had that with Evi...now there are three people staying..." Billy was still quiet. Billy chose to ignore Dom's little outburst. "But they're all having fun...and why shouldn't they?" he said softly, pulling out some jeans.

"Billy stop!" Dom said walking over and taking the jeans out of Billy's hands. "You know that is not true. I have seen you with Orlando and Viggo here and you do enjoy it."

"I don't know Kirsten...and I was having fun, but I just got home from a operation..." he frowned a little. "You expect me to feel up to fucking about with everyone?"

"No and I don't even know why we are talking about them!" Dom sighed loudly. "None of this is because of THEM. You are trying to get me to piss off and I have already told you, I am not going anywhere. If you want to go to your sister's fine, But I am going to go with you. You have her kick me out, go ahead. I will sit in the driveway." Dom said moving in front of Billy.

"I’m not asking you to go. I said I would go. And I do not want all these people in my fucking house. Its meant to be our house and right now it stands as nothing but a bloody holiday home for everyone. We may as well start charging." He picked up his case.

Dom cried out in frustration as he ran to slam the door and stand in front of it. "Talk to me Billy NOW!" He found himself screaming.

"I have just repeated myself to you over four times now, Dominic. What else do you want me to say?"

"William, I would like you to stop fucking lying and talk to me about what is really bothering you. Why you really want to go to your sisters. I know you are mad I brought you to the hospital okay, but what would you have had me do?!"

"Don't call me that." he said softly. He looked hurt. He looked down and shook his head. "I don't want to be here...with...everyone here. I want to.." he sighed. "Doesn't matter."

"What do you want?" Dom asked. "Tell me what you want."

He shook his head. "I don't want to talk, Dom. I don't feel like talking."

"Billy, just tell me what you want. That's all I am asking."

"I just want it to be me and you, Dom...we fucking almost lost each other in less than two days, and I don't know about you, but I can't just get over that...I can't just go down there and be all happy and shit. I want to be with you...just you...and everyone's here and I did enjoy it but after that gun thing.." he felt his voice crack. "I realized how much you mean to me...and I..I..don't ... I mean, I just.." he started to cry, he dropped his case and fell to the ground in tears.

"Billy..." Dom whispered dropping to the ground and scooping Billy into his arms. "Shhhh." He whispered rocking Billy back and forth. "I can let them all know if you want... they have been here for two days and they weren’t expected. They’ll understand..." Dom whispered placing a kiss into Billy's hair. "I'm sorry...."

"I nearly lost you Dom...and I don't know...I just want you...and I don't want them all here, but that's not very nice, so I thought I would go away so I wouldn't ruin it and I wouldn't have to be nasty to them.." he said quickly. He let out a small cough and cried a little harder.

"No shhhh..." Dom whispered into Billy's hair. "I love you." Dom whispered again. I will let them know okay?"

"What will you tell them?" he asked very softly.

"Just that, we love them around and sorry for not getting to know Kirsten but you and I need some time." Dom replied

"They're going to be so upset...what if they get mad?" he asked looking to Dom's eyes.

"Oh well." Dom smiled softly and kissed Billy's temple. "You aren’t angry with me are you?"

He shook his head. "No...” he said softly. "I never said I was."

"Oh." Dom smiled in relief. "What were you then? When you woke up..."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

“Well... at the hospital... you passed out and I called..."

"I don't want to think about the hospital.." Billy said. He looked into Dom's eyes for a long time. "I want..." he blinked a few times and leaned forwards and kissed Dom softly on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." Dom whispered into Billy's mouth, kissing him back.

Billy moved his hands up to Dom's face and bought Dom a little closer to him. He kissed him a little harder, pushing his tongue into Dom's mouth and he moved his body closer to Dom's.

Dom moved his arms around Billy's waist, pulling him even closer so Billy was sitting almost on top of his lap.

Billy moved down and started kissing Dom's neck, just below his ear, he breathed "I love you" against his skin and gently kissed him across his neck and jaw-line.

"I am sorry Bills." Dom whispered moving his arms up Billy's back. He moved a hand to Billy's chin and lifted Billy's head so their eyes locked. "How did I get so lucky?" He asked before pressing his lips to Billy’s.

Billy pulled him tight and smiled against his mouth. "You didn't.." he said breaking the kiss for a second. "We both did." Billy ran his fingers through Dom's hair kissing his lips lightly and then gently sucking his neck.

"Mhmm." Dom replied moving his head to the side as he pulled at the back of Billy's shirt. "You... want me to tell them to leave now?" He whispered.

"You do that.." he whispered against his ear. "And when you come back...I'll have a surprise for you."

"Okay..." Dom said kissing Billy again and jumping up from the ground. "Be right back." He said stopping and running back to kiss Billy again.

Billy smiled, left his room and made his way to Dom's instead.

Dom ran down the stairs and straightened his shirt as he walked out the back door. "Uhhh Viggo... I need to talk to you." Dom said waving a hello to Kirsten. "Uhh... you see..." He started

Billy smiled and set the room out as best he could. He made the bed as comfy as possible, using all the covers to make it cozy. He made the pillows comfy too and then set about lighting candles and he smiled to himself, quickly going back to his room. He giggled as he headed back to Dom's room, got undressed and clambered into bed.

"I am sorry." Dom said smiling and hugging Viggo. "Take your time and everything." He smiled again and went to give Kirsten a hug. "Sorry, I can't really talk long but all of us should be going out for dinner tonight." Dom said smiling at her.

She was about to reply but was cut off by Viggo who said, rather loudly, "The birds are flying home right now and there's a Billy surprise waiting upstairs."

"Wanker." Dom said sticking out his tongue at Viggo before turning to jog back inside and up the stairs. He ran into Billy's room to find Billy wasn't there. He smiled softly and ran to his door. Taking a couple breaths he pushed the door open

Billy smiled softy as the door opened. The blinds were down low, the candles lighting the room. "Hello, luv." Billy smiled.

"Billy." Dom breathed out after a pause. He looked around the room, at all the candles, and then to his bed, with Billy snuggled warm inside of the covers.

"And you're not coming in..." he smiled, biting his lip. "Because...were going to play a little game." he grinned

Dom looked confused for a second, then he smiled. "A game?"

"Find the lolly Dom..." Billy giggled. "Its grape flavor."

Dom's eyes widened a little as he looked around the room again. "Common, you have to give me a little more to work with then that!"

"Well...if you're getting close...I'll say warmer...if you're not, I'll say colder." he sniggered.

Dom glared at Billy, a smile playing out across his lips. "Okay..." he said taking a step to the window sill.

"Colder...” Billy giggled.

Dom stopped and took a step back to his original place. He looked at Billy and took a step back towards the door and dresser

Billy sniggered. "Uh...a little bit warm." he smiled.

Dom took a step closer until he was in front of the dresser. He reached out to open the first drawer, consisting of socks.

Billy giggled, knowing Dom wouldn't find the lolly in there, but he didn't say anything.

"Billy..." Dom smiled and turned, holding up a small jar. "I don't think this is a lollipop." He smiled again and tossed it onto the bed next to Billy.

Billy giggled. "And I didn't put that there...you're getting colder by the way...the chocolate stuff is warmer than you." he sniggered.

Dom shut the drawer and looked at the dresser. He moved to the side of it and reached over to a box that sat on top for his watches, rings, and necklaces.

Billy sniggered. "Take about two steps to your left.." he smiled and giggled again.

Dom smiled softly and took a step, and then another step, moving him closer to the bed. "Any warmer Bills?"

"Getting warmer, yes..." Billy grinned

Dom took two more steps and licked his lip before asking Billy, "Warmer?"

Billy nodded, biting his lip

"Warmer now?" Dom asked kneeling on the ground by the bed, reaching up just enough to kiss Billy.

"Hmm..." Billy smiled and moved the covers down a little. "A little."

"And you want me to find, a grape lolly?" Dom smiled and stood up, kicking away his shoes.

He nodded. "Yes I do." he grinned

Dom grinned and crawled across Billy. "So, any warmer?" Dom whispered placing his fingertips on Billy's exposed chest and running them slowly down to his stomach, pulling the coverlet with him.

"Very hot, Dom.." he smiled.

"Good." Dom whispered placing a kiss on Billy's chest, pulling the blanket down even more.

Billy smiled and bit his lip again. "Almost on fire, it seems!" he giggled.

"Good." Dom smiled kissing Billy's flat stomach. "Very good." he whispered.

Billy giggled again. "You're very good at this!" he smiled

Dom didn't reply, just kissed repeatedly. Each kiss was a little below the other one. "I think..." Dom whispered placing a kiss on Billy's hip bone. "I have forgotten about Lollies."

Billy smiled. "You're very nearly touching it..." he smiled. "You could always have is as an after-bedtime treat.." Billy smiled and cupped Dom's face. "I’m ready for you now...I mean...I’m really ready."

Dom met Billy's eyes. "You mean, ready ready?" He whispered.

He nodded. "Are you?" he asked softly.

Dom nodded back and moved up to kiss Billy.

"Okay." he smiled and kissed Dom's lips very gently.

"I love you." Dom said smiling

"Can you..." Billy smiled slightly, but blushed a little. "Can you take the lead?" he asked

"If you want me too." Dom replied smiling and kissing Billy.

He nodded. "I want you to." he smiled and gently ran his fingers along Dom's back

"And I want you." Dom said sucking gently on the curve of Billy's neck. "Real bad." He whispered sitting up slightly to pull the t-shirt over his head.

Billy smiled, leaning up to kiss Dom's chest. "Good," he smiled, running his tongue along Dom's collarbone

Dom moaned softly and ran his fingers along Billy's cheek, lifting his head. Pressing their lips together, Dom kissed him softly, and slowly pried Billy's lips, letting his tongue run over Billy's

Billy felt himself getting more turned on but he smiled against Dom's mouth. His hands ran all over Dom's body and he arched his back up a bit, pushing his chest closer to Dom's.

"Mhmm." Dom said against Billy's lips as he lifted himself up to free himself from his jeans. "Mumfuck." He said breaking away from Billy and leaning back to look down at his jeans. His hands were shaking to hard to open the button.

Billy smiled. "Let me.." he unfastened his jeans and looked to him. "But you're shaking, Dom...are you sure?"

"Fuck... yes." Dom breathed out and wrapped his arms around Billy's back pulling them into a kiss once again. "I've never been more sure."

"Ok.." Billy mumbled from under him. He pushed himself upwards again.

Dom groaned again, smiling against Billy's mouth. His fingers played out pattern's on Billy's back as he held Billy up against him.

Billy pushed his hips upwards a little and gave a small sigh, moving down to kiss along Dom's arm and shoulder

Dom ran his fingers through Billy's hair and let out a shaky breath. "God, Billy, I love you."

"Dom...I really want you..." he breathed. "I want you so much..." he kissed Dom again. "I want it so bad."

"Me too... god me too." Dom replied moving to be at the same level with Billy. "So bad." He said pressing their lips together.

"Let’s do it now, Dom...Lets just..." he smiled and kissed Dom. "Give into it."

"Okay... yes... okay." Dom replied nodding and looking around. "We need... god, do we even have what we need?!"

Billy looked at him. "I don't know...” he said softly.

"Uhh... Okay... anything slippery? Like, lube or something... and condoms?" He asked looking around, knowing the moment was being killed. "Aw fuck.:"

"Dom…Your top drawer is full of them!" he giggled. He reached over pulling the drawer open. "We have.." he smiled, "ribbed, extra-long, flexi-com," he giggled at that one. "Or..." he smiled. "Extra-long flavored ribbed."

Dom paused and looked over in the drawer. "Yeah... yeah!" He said laughing lightly and laying his head on Billy's chest. "What one do you want?" he asked

"I don't care...I just want it to happen...” he smiled and kissed Dom choosing one at random." "flexi-com it is!" he smiled.

Dom nodded and reached deeper into the drawer to pull out a bottle of lube. "Didn't think straight." Dom said knowing he would've been blushing if his whole body already wasn't flushed.

Billy gently titled Dom's head towards him. He kissed his lips softly. "Good," he smiled. "And its alright..." he kissed him again. "I love you."

"I love you too." Dom whispered kissing Billy, then pulling back to look at him. He smiled and shook his head lightly before kissing him once again.

Billy smiled and rested back against the pillows, He gave a small sigh and closed his eyes feeling Dom's lips brushing over his body. He gave another contented sigh and smiled as his whole body relaxed under Dom's touch.

"Amazing." Dom whispered placing another kiss to Billy's chest. "You are so amazing."

"You are.." Billy sighed. "I can't compare anything to you...there's nothing.."

"No... you're wrong. I'm nothing without you Bills. Nothing." Dom whispered kissing Billy's neck.

"Forever isn't long enough, is it Dom?" Billy sighed softly as Dom brushed his neck. "To love someone."

"No... But, I will love you forever and a day." Dom whispered kissing Billy softly. "And a day after that as well."

"I don't think...” Billy gave a small moan. "Eternity is long enough." He sighed and kissed Dom's shoulder.

"I think there is a way to love someone that no one has stated yet." Dom said kissing Billy's forehead. "But, we will find out what that man found."

"Thank you, Dom..." he whispered. "For taking me to the hospital...and.." he kissed Dom's jaw-line. "And showing me how much you really love me."

Dom bit his lip and smiled, not trusting himself to speak. He leaned down and kissed Billy. "You’re welcome... But I still haven't shown you just how much I love you." Dom whispered kissing him again.

"Then show me.." Billy whispered arching his back. "I’m ready and I want to feel it...I want to know what love is Dom."

Dom nodded and took the tiny package from Billy's hands ripping it open he kissed Billy again. "I love you."

Billy smiled and rested back again. "I love you too." he smiled.

"I don't know much of what I am doing... If I hurt you or anything... tell me okay?" Dom whispered pausing over Billy's body.

Billy nodded, but looked up to Dom, will full trust. "Okay." he said, softly.

"Okay." Dom replied nodding as he slowly ran his hand down Billy's body, to the small opening. "Are you ready?" he asked never taking his eyes away from Billy's face

Billy nodded and smiled. "Yes." he said keeping his eyes on Dom's.

"Kay..." Dom whispered pressing a single finger into Billy. He paused and studies Billy's face for any sign of discomfort, pain.

Billy nodded. "Its alright.." he whispered.

"Sure?" Dom asked as he added another finger.

He nodded. "Yes.."

"Okay..." Dom whispered nodding more for his own reassurance. He pressed a third finger in and again paused and looked again to Billy. "When that's comfortable, tell me."

He bit his lip, and closed his eyes a slight frown passed over his face but it disappeared soon enough. He gave a short sigh and nodded. He opened his eyes. "Its ok.." he smiled and nodded again.

"You sure?" Dom asked not wanting to move any part of him until he was sure Billy was sure.,

Billy looked at him again, the trust still there and he nodded. "Positive."

"Okay..." Dom whispered. "I think..." Dom said nodding, "that now you’re ready..." Dom said trying to sound like he knew what he was doing. Billy trusted him and wasn't telling him to do anything different, so he couldn't have been doing things wrong...

"Alright...” Billy smiled. He gave another small sigh and smiled. "Love you, Dom."

"Love you too." Dom replied smiling and kissing Billy. He took the bottle of lube and squeezed a fair amount into his palm. "Ready?" He asked, taking a deep breath.

Billy nodded and stayed as relaxed as he could. "Ready."

"Okay." Dom said taking one of Billy's hands and smiling reassuringly. He placed himself between Billy's legs and felt Billy squeeze his hand. He nodded, and led himself into Billy.

Billy closed his eyes again and held Dom's hand tight. He arched his hips upwards a bit, to make it easier for Dom. He felt it hurt a little but didn't say anything. It soon passed. "Are you ok?" he asked Dom softly.

"Am I okay? Yeah fine." Dom smiled. "But are you okay?" He asked looking deep into Billy's eyes.

Billy nodded. "Yes..." he smiled and pushed upwards again. "Yes!" he smiled.

Dom smiled back and pulled his hips backwards before pushing forward again. Looking quickly at Billy's face, he smiled and repeated the action.

"That’s it, Dom.." Billy whispered. He moved his hands along Dom's arms and smiled up to him. "That’s good."

Dom nodded and fastened his pace. "God Bills.... you're beautiful. So beautiful."

"Not too hard, Dom.." Billy whispered. "Not yet.." he smiled. "Dommie..I love you.." he said, smiling. "So much."

"Sorry... sorry." Dom said nodding and kissing Billy. "Love you too Bills. Always have."

"Dom...this feels so right." Billy whispered, pushing upwards a little. "It feels so good."

"Nothing has ever felt so right." Dom whispered kissing Billy lightly.

Billy smiled and moved himself up a bit. "I’m ready now.." he smiled. "Push in, Dom." he leaned up to kiss Dom's neck. "Go faster."

"Okay.." Dom nodded thrusting up more then he had been before. "I love you... I love you so much..." Dom said kissing Billy's forehead

"I love you, too Dom." He smiled, but it faded as he saw Dom's face. "Is it good for you?" he asked. "Are you ok?"

Yeah.. its good." Dom smiled brushing a finger across Billy's cheek. "You? Are you okay?" He whispered

He nodded and closed his eyes, not able to speak. He let out a soft cry and pushed upwards again, his hips bucking upwards a little faster each time.

Dom moved his pace faster and kissed Billy has he wrapped his hand around Billy, matching the pace he was going at.

"Dom.." Billy whispered. "Keep doing that Dom...oh god, Dom..That’s right."

"You like this Billy?" Dom whispered breathing hard, knowing he himself was almost over the edge.

"Yes.." Billy whispered, hardly able to do that. "Yes.." He pushed up again, harder this time.

"Billy!" Dom cried out thrusting harder into Billy

Billy's breath caught slightly and he pushed up and pulled Dom closer to him. He pushed himself upwards and stayed that way for a while, feeling Dom inside him. "Dom.." he whispered. "Dom! he cried,

"Billy!" Dom matched his cry and moved his hand faster over Billy as he trust in again. "Billy... I'm gonna....."

"Me too.." Billy cried holding Dom's arms. "Keep going Dom!" he cried.

"Billy..." Dom moaned as he felt pressure build up in his stomach. "Billy.." He said moving faster and harder

Billy moved forwards and pushed upwards faster and harder to match Dom. "I’m coming.." Billy suddenly screamed. "Dom!""

"Billy!" Dom screamed out as he felt Billy tighten around him. His body started shaking as his release coming hard.

Billy pushed upwards harder and closed his eyes tight. "Dom.." he whimpered. His grip tightened onto the sheets. “Dom.." he cried again as his body trembled and he came, too.

Dom collapsed on top of Billy who had hit back down to the sheets. Taking a few deep breaths he realized he was probably crushing Billy. He shifted over and wrapped his arms around Billy's back.

"Dom.." Billy whispered softly, resting his head on the nape of Dom's neck. "Dom.." he nuzzled against Dom. "I love you.." he whispered, his voice soft, but high. "So much."

"I love you too Billy." Dom kissed Billy's head as he reached down to pull the coverlet over them. "You're perfect for me. This, is perfect." Dom whispered.

Billy leaned up to kiss Dom's mouth softly before resting back down again leaning his hear against Dom's chest. He sighed and closed his eyes. "I could stay here forever, Dom." he smiled.

"Forever. And a day." Dom repeated sighing as he relaxed against Billy's body. Dom moved his hands in small circles on Billy's back, and kissed his forehead. "What... Bills..." Dom smiled softly. "I found the lolly." He said smiling as he held the Lolly between them.

Billy giggled. "It's been digging into my back since you had your way with me," he smiled, looking to it in Dom's hand.

"Sorry." Dom laughed and tossed it over to the floor. "I'll get it later." He smiled tilting up Billy's head and kissing him

Billy smiled and rested down back on the pillows. "Your bed is very comfy.." he smiled. "We'll have to chose a room...but mine does have the cool tower-windows." he grinned

"Is this your way of having me move in with you even more?" Dom asked chuckling slightly. "Well, let’s move my bed into yours and then we can have the comfy bed and the tower-windows." Dom smiled.

Billy laughed. "You expect us to move a bed and not have any accidents? You’re leg could act up,, I have a stitched hip and you think we would be able to move a whole bed without any trouble?"

Dom lifted up the covers to look at the gauze brace and shrugged. "I forgot I still had that." He laughed. "You know, I only made you roll me around everywhere and help me just so I could be close to you." Dom admitted looking down at the pillow next to Billy's head. "I could piss fine on my own, but with you needing to help me everywhere else it fit the story."

"Is that true?" Billy asked softly.

"Yeah..." Dom replied nodding and biting his lip not knowing if Billy was angry with it or not.

Billy giggled and kissed Dom. Billy smiled. "You're crazy, Dom!" he whispered. "Crazy beautiful." he kissed him gently. "I love you."

"And you Billy..." Dom smiled, kissing him back. "Are the best thing that ever happened to me. Now and even 7 years ago." Dom ran his hand through Billy's hair and locked eyes with him. "I love you, so much." Dom kissed Billy gently before pulling back. Looking at Billy again, he had a cheeky sort of smile on his face. "Kiss me, deeply." He said softly.

Billy grinned. "Where?" he giggled.

"Right here." Dom whispered, pointing to his lips, which had curled up into a smile.

Billy smiled, recalling the answer he had given in the interview. This time, however, he didn’t' answer. He leaned forwards; pressing his lips against Dom's gently resting his hand on Dom's cheek.

Dom pulled his arm around Billy's back and pulled him closer.

Billy pressed against his lips a little harder and gently slipped his tongue into his mouth.

Dom groaned and ran his tongue across Billy's. His hands ran up and down Billy's arms and back, wanting to touch all of him.

Billy ran his fingers through Dom’s hair Billy gently pushing his tongue over Dom's, and then along the roof of Dom's mouth. His other hand trailed along Dom's back and he rested his leg over Dom's hip.

Dom moved again so he was resting on top of Billy, the coverlet falling down leaving there chests uncovered.

Billy smiled into Dom's mouth, his hands running all over Dom's body. He gave a small moan from under him and ran his fingertips along his back.

"I love you." Dom whispered into Billy's mouth. He kissed Billy's jaw bone softly and caught his breath before moving to suck lightly on Billy's collarbone.

Billy smiled and whispered "I love you back." he pulled away for a second. "You know what.." he smiled. He kissed Dom. "I think I understand something now...better than I did before."

"What's that?" Dom asked propping himself up on a shoulder so he could look at Billy's face.

"You know...Into the west?"

"Yes." Dom smiled. "Beautiful song. What about it?"

"You know...’Soon you will see, All of your fears will pass away, Safe in my arms, You're only sleeping...and then...A pale moon rises, The ships have come to carry you home..’ Its for us, Dom.." he smiled. "Its ours."

Dom smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to Billy's lips. "What can you see, on the horizon?" Dom asked quoting the song. "Where do you picture us in 5 years?" Dom asked wrapping his arms around Billy and pulling him close.

Billy smiled. "I see...mountains stretching out beyond onto far off seas...the waves crash back towards the shore and up on the hill, looking out over everything, Two people stand together seeing everything...all the beauty in front of them and they stand there together, watching as the sun falls behind silver clouds..." he smiled to Dom. "But they don't say anything. They just stand there, watching, their bodies close...there isn't need for words, Dom, because they can communicate without speaking...they have a connection Dom...those people, they’re us."

"Aye, that they are luv." Dom whispered kissing Billy again. "Do you want me to tell you what 10 years will bring?" He whispered.

He nodded and gently kissed him.

"Well, I can see those same mountains, the same ocean, the same beautiful trees and life all around these two people. And there's this little bench, made from stone with an enragement for them on it. And they will sit there, remembering everything." He whispered kissing Billy again. "Everything we have done together and still have yet to do."

Billy smiled. "Then I look forward to it." he smiled. "With you..." he kissed Dom gently.

"With me. Me and You. Us." Dom said smiling at his last word. "Us." He repeated kissing Billy again.

"I love you.." Billy’s eyes watered a little. "I don't think...I mean, I didn't think it was ever possible for me to love someone this much."

"Aw Billy." Dom whispered blinking his eyes a couple times. "We made this possible. I didn't think it could've been done either. But you and me, we fit." Dom whispered.

Billy nodded. "Like a jigsaw?" he asked softly.

"Like a jigsaw. Like gloves. Like socks and shoes and cookies and milk." Dom replied. "Like lollies and gum. And hobbits and ale. Like us."

Billy kissed him again and sighed resting back and closing his eyes. "I think it'll be the first time I can go to sleep and feel safe.." Billy whispered. "Because you'll be here."

Dom smiled and pulled Billy closer. "I'm never going to leave either." Dom whispered kissing him. "I will keep you safe, forever."

Billy smiled. "I would like to keep you safe too...if you'll let me."

"Of course." Dom replied kissing the top of Billy's head.

Billy smiled and moved, so that he was pressing his back against Dom, he sighed softly, closed his eyes and drifted off to a peaceful seep.

Dom felt the rise and fall of Billy's chest soften and become longer. "Sleep well." Dom whispered into Billy's ear before falling to sleep as well.
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