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Chapter Nine

Once they'd gotten themselves ready, they set off down for the doctors. Dom was driving and Billy sat quietly, looking out of the window as the trees passed by.

Dom sighed and took a hand off of the steering wheel to take Billy's hand. He gave it a slight squeeze, not saying anything.

Billy glanced away from the window. "I don't want to go, Dom." he said very softly.

Dom looked over at Billy and pulled into an empty parking lot. Stopping the car her turned to face Billy.

"I...I don't...” he frowned and looked down. “I’m sorry."

"Are you not ready yet?" Dom asked silently.

Billy shrugged. "I don't know...I...feel...I’m scared, Dom."

"That's understandable. But I will be right there with you the whole time. It's a scary thing. I was scared. We have to go back 2 times for me remember? But it helped. if you aren't ready that’s okay... but its okay to be scared."

"I just don't like doctors much...” Billy said softly.

Dom smiled softly and kissed Billy's cheek. "I don't either. But they are there to help."

Billy nodded and bit his lip. "I think my family was always just unlucky with doctors.." he said softly. "That’s all."

"I know." Dom whispered cupping Billy's cheek. "I love you."

Billy nodded. "But I do need help...is there any other way?" he asked softly.

"Well... the doctors know what they are doing Bills. Would you like me to just go talk to them and find out what they have to say? I won't tell them its you or anything but find out their suggestions?"

"And I stay in the car?" he asked.

"If you want to." Dom nodded

"Okay." he smiled. "Yes." He looked at Dom. "I'd like that."

"Okay." Dom said kissing Billy and starting the car up again

Billy went back to looking out of the window, trying to ignore his heart doing flips.

Dom, still holding onto Billy's hand, pulled their hands up so he could kiss the back of Billy's.

They pulled up to the doctors and Billy sighed, he looked to Dom. "Thank you..." he said softly. "I love you." he kissed Dom's cheek gently.

"I love you too Billy. I will be right back okay?" Dom said kissing Billy again before getting out of the car. Walking inside he headed to the front desk to ask for the doctor Billy was supposed to see

Billy heard something and sighed. He looked out the window and saw about 5 girls coming over to the car. They'd seen Dom get out. He didn't need this right now. He wasn't in the right mood. They were getting closer. He locked the car doors and hoped they wouldn't see him if they thought it was just Dom.

"Dr. Shepard..." Dom said as the door was closed behind him. "I need to ask you about some things." Dom said sitting down at the seat. He looked over at the clock and hoped it wouldn't be too long. He didn't want to leave Billy alone. "I want to help my boyfriend..." He said smiling at the fact that Billy was his boyfriend. "But he doesn't want to come in here."

They came closer and started screaming when they saw Billy. They went over to the car and banged on the window. He frowned and called out a little and then saw even more coming over as they surrounded the car, screaming and shouting for Billy to get out.

"Are you sure?" Dom asked the doctor as he was handed a couple packets of information. "I really want this to work. I want to help him." Dom said holding the packets close to his chest. "And like you said, I will get him in here if this doesn’t work. Thank you so much." Dom said walking out of the office. "Shite!" He swore as he walked out of the building. Rolling the packets he shoved them into his back pocket and stepped away from the curb. "Aye! What the fuck are you doing to my car?!" He asked taking a step back as some of the girls turned around. "Uhhhh...." he said his mind blank as to what he should do.

They screamed again, but a few stayed by the car. One of the girls started screaming and crying and she slammed her bag against the window shattering the glass on Dom's side. She screamed for Billy as some of the others went off to Dom.

"Fuck!" Dom swore looking back as he started to run. "Billy! My car... BILLY!" Dom screamed as a girl jumped into the car. Dom suddenly tripped over a different curb and went sprawling across the pavement. One of the faster girls caught up to him and dropped to the ground next to him screaming, "Dommie! MY DOMMIE! are you okay? I will take care of you!"
Billy frowned and opened his mouth to say something and one reached in and grabbed his jacket. "Hey!" He shouted as another leaned and pulled his hair. "Stop it!" He screamed. "Let go!"

"Listen!" Dom started as another girl jumped on top of him pushing the other girl away. "Do you remember ME!? I ohmagah I like met you at the RotK premiere in London and you were like wearing your eyeliner and I was like OMFGWTFBBQ! you looked like WALKING SEX!" She cried giggling and throwing her arms around Dom's neck.

Another window smashed and then the windscreen. Billy cried out from inside the car. Three girls clambered in and bought out their cameras. One of them screamed as she grabbed Billy and saw his arms. "OMG! JEN! LOOK!" She screamed. Billy pulled away and tried to unlock the door as another one clambered in. "OMG! I am so taking a picture!" Billy pulled his sleeve down. "I LOVE YOU! OMG! I love you!

"Hey!" Dom screamed as the girl tried to place a kiss on his face. "Listen! if all you want is autographs I can get them for you but please let me go see Billy!" He screamed wriggling to get out of the girls clutch. "MARRY ME!" She screeched as another girl grabbed the papers from his back pocket. "What’s this? OMAGAH! Dommie, my poor Dommie. I did this too. I can help you, you know!" The girl said trying to push the other one off of him.

Billy opened the door and practically fell out onto the ground. The girls were on him so quickly. "let me see your arm! I can help you! let me kiss it better? why did you do it? Are you depressed? My mum left me when I was 3! I love you!" Billy tried to get up and gave another small cry as two more stood over him.

"Billy!" Dom screeched looking over through the girls legs. For once, he felt utterly helpless. At least 7 girls were around him and even more around Billy. No matter how hard Dom tried, he started to cry. "Billy!" He cried out turning to curl into a ball.

Suddenly the receptionist came out. "If you do not leave these premises you will all be taken to court! The police are on their way!" She shouted. Three doctors came out, pulling the girls off Dom. "The police will be here in two minutes."

Feeling the presence of the girls off of him, he ignored the hands of the doctors offering him help up. Scrambling up from the ground he ran back to the car, tripping once before he threw himself beside Billy and wrapped his arms around him. "Are you okay?" He whispered kissing Billy's forehead.

Billy was all together confused but he nodded, however, he suddenly remembered. "That one.." he said. "She took a picture of my arm...its going to be all over the papers and the internet.." he stammered.

"Dom looked over a the line of retreating girls and saw who he was pointing too. Not even thinking that he could get into trouble for destroying someone's personal property, Dom jumped up and ran to spin the girl around and grab the camera. She shouted 'Hey!' but he ignored her as she ripped out the memory card and cracked it in two before throwing it to the ground. "That was fucking uncalled for." He fired at the group who turned to stare at him.

"Dom!" Billy shouted. A man walked up to them. He looked at the broken memory-card and then to Dom. "Fucking destroy my daughter's property!" He slammed his fist against Dom's face. "DOM!" Billy shouted scrambling to his feet. "Dom!!" The man kicked Dom in the leg before Billy reached him and pulled him away.

Dom stood back up and faced the man, anger clearly displayed in his eyes. "YOUR daughter SHOULDN'T have attacked my boyfriend!" He screamed standing as tall as he could in front of the man. "YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER shouldn’t have been taking pictures the way she was! It's illegal and I am going to fucking destroy it if she is going to use it the wrong way!" He yelled feeling a doctor pulling him back away from the man. Dom struggled away and grabbed the man roughly by the shoulders. "If your daughter tries to do ANYTHING to my Billy again, She is going to find the authorities up her ass. AND if you ever touch me again, you will surely regret it!" Dom spat out, glaring at the man.

"Dom!" Billy shouted. "Just.. Just stop!" The man spun out of Billy's grasp.

"And you!" the man said, looking to Billy's arm. "You need to be in a fucking mental home! You not got enough money to be happy now?" he shouted.

Dom looked quickly to Billy's face to see the hurt and shock there. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Dom screamed slamming into the man and knocking him to the ground. Dom connect his fist to the man's face and then chest, not caring how much he hit the man, just knowing no matter how many times he hit him it wouldn't be enough. "You... Fucking... Talk that way...." He screamed as someone pulled him back. "Fucking... Kill you!" Dom screamed as the person wrestled him to the ground.

Billy went to Dom, pulling him up, struggling to keep him still. "Stop it!" Billy shouted. "Dom!" The man got back up.

"You're going to fucking regret that!" he cried. He pulled out a gun and shot it, but missed as Billy pulled them both out the way.

The sound of the gun shot made everyone freeze, and spin around to a girl who was clutching her stomach, her face contorted in pain. "Call 911!" Dom shouted looking over to the man who had sunk to the ground as he stared as his daughter. Police sirens were heard racing to the spot and soon they were all surrounded. The ambulance came soon after and the girl was rushed off. "I'm sorry..." Dom whispered to Billy. They were sitting on the edge of a police car, and EMT cleaning Dom's knuckles and face before the police man came over to talk to them. "I just... got so angry..." He whispered looking at the ground

Billy shook his head. "Don't... not here." he said softly. The policeman said he would drive them home. Dom's car was going to be written off, however there would be much compensation for the damages. Dom was written off with a warning and had to pay a small fine for GBH. Once they were home, Billy sighed and sat down next to Dom. "Can I make you a warm drink?" he asked.

"No... I'm fine." Dom whispered looking down, a tear rolling down his cheek. "I didn't mean to Billy... I got mad... and he shouldn't have said anything... and she shouldn't have taken the pictures... and I shouldn't have attacked him..." Dom said placing his head in his hands. "I'm sorry..."

Billy frowned slightly and wrapped his arms around Dom. "It's alright...it's over with." He kissed Dom's ear. He stood up and went to the bathroom coming back with some damp cotton-buds. He knelt down in front of Dom and tilted his head upwards. He gently dabbed Dom's swollen cheek and sighed. "I think you scared yourself more than anything." he whispered.

"Yeah." Dom laughed lightly. "Are you okay?" Dom asked, flinching a little as Billy dabbed an open cut.

Billy didn't answer and frowned slightly, trying to be more gentle. "I hope that poor girl is alright...” he said softly. He gently took Dom's hand in his and dabbed at his knuckles.

"I can't believe that happened.... It was my fault... he got pissed at me... He tried to shoot me Bills. He was aiming for me." Dom whispered looking at the wall.

Billy turned his face towards him. "It wasn't your fault. He shouldn't have been carrying a gun. He was the one you hit, any normal person would shout and ask you to pay for the breakage. He laid right into you." Billy said. "It wasn't your fault."

"All she did was take a picture... and now she is sitting in a hospital, clinging on to her life. Her father is over night in jail getting questioned. I am here with you, getting cleaned up." Dom said softly. "What if... I just asked her for it Bills? I always fucking over react." Dom said shaking as he slid his arms around Billy’s waist and burying his head into Billy's shoulder.

"Oh, Dom...It’s not your fault...I heard the police say something about her dad being crazy...its not the first time he pulled out a gun. Or so they said." Billy held him closely and kissed his neck. "You never pulled the trigger, Dom...You know that saying, guns don't kill people, people do...and he was the one holding the gun...he was the one who pulled the trigger." Billy moved Dom's face out slightly and wiped away his tears with his thumbs. "She's going to be okay..." he whispered. “They said she would be alright...it's not life threatening." he told him gently.

"I know... I know what they said..." Dom said letting his tears fall as he clutched Billy's shirt, clinging to Billy. "I was scared... first for you... and then when he said that to you... I got so mad, I scared myself! I don't think I have ever been so angry.... and then I saw the gun... And I thought... it was over.... and it scared me until I thought... well... I thought if I died then I would be happy... because I was with you." Dom whispered.

"Don't say that!" Billy said, looking at him right in the eyes, trying hard not to cry. "Don't you ever say that!" He took a small breath. "No one is dead...no one was killed...” he frowned a little and stood up shaking. He went to the kitchen and rested his arms on the side his head in his hands.

"Billy." Dom cried out as he stood and slowly walked to the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and kissed Billy's neck. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." He whispered.

"I don't want to lose you...” Billy whispered. "And today...” he felt himself starting to cry. “I nearly did, Dom...And I don't know what I would have done if I did...I don't want to...” he broke down and cried, all the shock of it finally hitting him.

"Billy." Dom said trying to blink back his tears as he turned Billy to face him. "I'm still here Billy... I haven't gone." He whispered cupping Billy's cheek and kissing him gently.

"But...” Billy whispered through his tears. "You nearly did...and I didn't even see what was going on..." he cried a little harder. "I didn't see it until I heard it...” he cried. "What if we hadn't moved?"

"But we did Billy! We did!" Dom cried harder wrapping his arms around Billy and pulling him closer. "We moved and I am here."

"And now you're all hurt and it’s because I didn't say anything...and if I hadn't have locked the car and I just got out, your car wouldn't be broke and you'd have a car and then the glass wouldn't have..." Billy stopped. "Nothing."

Dom stopped and pulled away to look at Billy. "What happened?" He asked quickly scanning Billy. "Billy, screw the car, what happened?"

Billy pulled up his shirt, just above his hip. "I think...” there was a deep cut, only a few inches long. "Its not much..." he said, his expression worried.

"Billy!" Dom said quietly dropping to his knees to look at the cut. "Why did you say anything?!" Dom asked touching the spot around the cut but drawing back as Billy hissed in pain. "Bills... " Dom whispered to kiss Billy lightly. "It still has glass in it... we need to get it out and I can't do that myself."

"I’m not going to a hospital." he said quickly.

"Billy, this could get you infected! I am taking you to the hospital." Dom said sternly.

"No!" he said, his voice high and shrill. "I don't want to. I don't..." he backed up a little looking almost terrified. "I don't want to go!"

"Billy! It just going to be about your hip! I promise!" Dom whispered, trying to restrain himself of walking to Billy and wrapping his arms around him. "They need to get you stitches Bills.”

Billy pulled away and moved over to the other side. "NO!" he screamed. "No!" He felt himself crying. "I hate them...I’m not going Dom!"

"Billy!" Dom said taking a step towards Billy. Tears were once again falling from his eyes. "You need to go Billy! If that gets infected... it will all be so much worse!"

He shook his head. "No...” he whimpered softly. "I don't like them..." He looked at Dom. "I really don't."

"I know you don't Billy. But they can help you." Dom said quietly. "With your cut and your cut only. That is all they are going to talk about I promise!" Dom whispered taking another step.

"But they're bad, Dom...they're all bad and all the do is make people die and if we go something might happen and I don't want to lose anyone else and I don't like it, Dom...I don't want to go...they’re bad." he was speaking very fast and backed away from Dom even more as he cried harder.

"Billy." Dom whispered taking a couple more steps. Billy kept backing up until he bumped into the wall. He started to sink to the ground, shoulders shaking with sobs. Dom took a big step and caught Billy, holding him to his chest. "Listen to me Billy." Dom cried into Billy's shoulder. "I know you haven't had the best hospital experiences, and I wish I could change that all for you. All of it and make sure you never have to go. But I can't Billy and your hip needs to be taken care of. Please Billy let me take you so they can take out the glass and give you some stitches. Please. I don't want to lose YOU because you didn't get this fixed and an infection turned to fever takes you away. Please let me take you."

Billy cried so hard. He was so scared. He didn't want to go. He gripped Dom's t-shirt and bowed his head slightly. "I don't like them..." he whispered. "I just don't..." he looked to Dom, his eyes watery and he sighed.

"I know Billy. I know... but I will be there with you. I promise. I won't leave you."

"I don't want to go..." he whispered again.

"I know." Dom whispered kissing Billy's head. "I know.... and I don't want to make you go. But Billy, we can't not go.”

"But something bad might happen." he whispered, his voice tainted with defeat

"Nothing bad will happen. I promise." Dom whispered kissing Billy again. "I won’t let it."

"Please don't die, too Dom...I don't want you to die." He cried again.

"I won't Billy, I wont!" Dom said, his voice catching as he clung to Billy as Billy was clinging to him. He rocked Billy back and forth and tilted his head up. Kissing him gently Dom rested their foreheads together. "I promise you, I am not going anywhere."

"I don't want to be here all on my own..." he whispered. "I don't want you lose you."

"I won't leave you. Ever." Dom whispered kissing Billy's head.

"What will they do to me?" he asked. "I don't want to go to sleep...I don't want them to make me go to sleep."

"I don't know." Dom whispered "But they can just give you pain killers so you won't sleep. I won't let them do anything you don't want them too."

"But I don't want to go...and you don't know and I don't want to go to sleep, because when people go to sleep they don't wake up!" he suddenly cried.

"Billy!" Dom whispered clinging to Billy tighter. "They won't put you under anything. I promise." Dom whispered kissing Billy's forehead again. Billy had already been through so much... why did everything keep happening?!

Billy sighed and shook his head into Dom's shoulder. "I can't go.." he whispered. "I can't do it, Dom."

"Billy... would you rather someone come here? We have to take care of it! There is still glass... and Billy please!"

"Someone can come here?" he asked softly.

"They have doctors you can call in to come here." Dom nodded smiling slightly.

"And they won't make me go to sleep here?"

"No... They won’t."

"And you'll stay with me?"

"I wouldn't dream of leaving you Billy."

“I don’t want to lose you.” Billy whispered, kissing Dom lightly, and resting his head onto Dom’s chest. Dom wrapped his arms around Billy’s back and rocked him back and forth. He closed his eyes and sighed, just holding onto Billy.

“I’ll get the phone.” He said quietly, moving up to reach for the phone above him. Billy didn’t reply, his grip just loosened. “Billy?” Dom whispered tilting Billy’s head up. “Billy!” He screamed out. Billy’s eyes were closed, motionless. Blood was seeping from the cut, through his shirt and through Dom’s jeans. Dom punched 9-1-1 into the phone and started to cry again. “I don’t want to lose him!” He whispered into the phone. “I don’t want this again…”

Dom sat down at the chair beside Billy’s bed. He could not believe they were back here again. He looked at Billy’s face, he was sleeping peacefully.

“Dom?” Someone said coming up behind him. Dom stood to face Viggo and Orlando and a blonde woman.

“Hey.” Dom said hugging Orlando and Viggo in turn and smiling at the girl. “He’s not awake yet… but were hoping really soon. It was the painkillers, and he just needed rest.”

“What about you? You look exhausted.” Orlando said looking at him carefully.

“I’m fine.” Dom nodded quickly and looked over to Billy again. “He didn’t want to come here you know… he wanted one of those doctors that came to the house.. and I lied to him. I knew that even if we called someone he would’ve had to come here anyways… but I didn’t want to fight with him… I didn’t want him to get more hurt… and now… he won’t wake up.” Dom whispered, mostly to himself, almost forgetting they were standing behind him. He sunk back into the chair and took Billy’s hand in his own.

“No, its not your fault at all Dom.” Viggo said placing a hand on his shoulder. “How bad was the cut?”

“Not too bad… but when he sat down… it was pushed deeper and cut some thing. I don’t remember what they said it was. And that’s what caused the major loss of blood and caused him to black out.”

“When did they stitch him up? Did they use any anesthesia?” Orlando asked pulling up a chair next to Dom and peering at him cautiously.

“No. I wouldn’t let them… Billy would never talk to me again if he had gone under anything.” Dom whispered. “He was out… he couldn’t feel anything anyways.” Viggo and Orlando exchanged glances, unsure what to say to him. Dom didn’t notice, his attention was on Billy, his mind screaming and begging for him to open his eyes. “He’s been like this for 4 hours now.” Dom whispered.

Orlando placed his hand on Dom’s arm and met Dom’s eyes. “He’ll wake up Dom. I promise.” Dom nodded and closed his eyes. He inhaled sharply and turned back to Billy, taking up one of his hands.

“Who is with you?” He whispered.

“This is Kirsten… She and I were in Elizabethtown together. She and I are, well, were actually dating right now.” Orlando said looking up to her and smiling.

“That’s good.” Dom smiled and looked to her. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too. I’ve heard a lot about you, and Billy.” She smiled. Dom nodded and closed his eyes as she said Billy’s name. She looked away and Orlando reached for one of her hands.

“Dom…” Viggo said moving forward quickly and shaking Dom’s shoulder violently. Dom looked up quickly to the monitors, scared that something was wrong, and then to Billy’s face. Billy’s hand shifted in Dom’s and Dom was out of his chair in a heart beat.

“Billy?” Dom whispered, brushing Billy’s bangs from his forehead.

“Dom.” Billy croaked opening his eyes slightly and turning his head to Dom.

“Billy!” Dom exclaimed as softly as he could, gently kissing Billy’s lips.

“Where are we?” Billy demanded looking around and squeezing Dom’s hand.

“You passed out… and the ambulance came.” Dom said quietly biting his lower lip, afraid of Billy’s reaction. Billy didn’t answer, just looked away to the wall. “I know you didn’t want to come… but… I didn’t know what else to do.”

“It’s fine Dom.” Billy said sighing and looking back to Dom’s face. “Really.”

“Hey Billy…” Orlando said moving to Dom’s side and leaning down to give Billy a small hug. “We just came to make sure you were alright.”

“Thanks.” Billy replied as Viggo moved to give his hand a squeeze.

“We’re going to let you two be alone.” Orlando said smiling and backing away.

“Here.” Dom said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pair of keys. “The silver one is to the house.” Viggo nodded catching them.

“We’ll stop back in, in a little while. We’ll bring you guys some coffee.”

“Thanks.” Billy and Dom replied watching them leave. “I’m sorry Billy.”

“Why?” Billy asked looking away again.

“Because I know you didn’t want to come here… at all.” Dom replied trying to get Billy to look at him.

“You did what you thought best.” Billy said shifting suddenly to look at his stitches. “Was it bad?”

“No… you only needed four. I guess it wasn’t that big of a cut but the glass was in pretty deep. They removed it all though and they said you should be able to go home in a couple days.” Dom replied looking at the mark.

“I want to go home now.” Billy said looking right into Dom’s eyes.

“We can’t… they’re not going to let you.” Dom said softly. “I wish we could… I wish more then anything we could just go home.”

“We can.” Billy said sitting up fast, releasing Dom’s hand. He yanked out an IV that was stuck in his wrist, clamping down on the cut to make it stop bleeding.

“Billy! What are you doing?” Dom exclaimed jumping up from his kneeling position.

“Going home.” Billy replied yanking off a wire that was stuck to his chest. The monitor next to him turned into a flat line, and the sound screamed through the room. Nurses came running into the room, shoving Dom out of the way. They froze as they saw Billy in the corned pulling on his jeans and ripping the nightgown over his head.

“You can’t…” One of the nurses started but was quickly cut off.

“I feel fine. I’m stitched up. I’m going the fuck home, now.” He said looking sternly at Dom as he pulled his shirt over his head. “You can’t keep me here with nothing wrong. I don’t need medication for this, I don’t need more stitches or bandages, nothing else can be done.” He grabbed his coat and stumbled over a wire. The nurses stared after him and then looked to Dom. Dom shrugged and quickly ran after Billy who was walking as fast as he could to the elevator and out the building.
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