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Chapter Eight

Sorry about the delay everyone... things should start becoming pretty regular again!! Thank you for reading. :)

Billy giggled and he and Dom fell onto the bed. Billy wriggled out of his clothes so he was only in his boxers and he smiled, clambering into Dom's bed. "It is comfy!" he giggled.

"You are comfy." Dom said spinning Billy over so he was straddling Billy's hips.

Billy smiled up and him and leaned upwards to kiss his lips. "Don't wait for much, do you?" he smiled, kissing Dom's neck.

"Not when I want you so badly." Dom replied taking Billy's hands in his, interlacing their fingers and pulling their hands up over Billy's head.

Billy smiled and laid back against the pillows. Billy moved himself so he was a little more comfy and he looked to Dom, his face serious. "I want you, too." He whispered.

Dom smiled and dipped his head down to lick a trail from Billy's neck to below his ear.
"I'm yours for the taking." He whispered in Billy's ear

Billy looked up to him, his face still serious. "Dom.." he said softly. "I don't know...what to do." he said.

"What do you mean?" Dom asked

"Well.." Billy blushed slightly. "I’ve not done this before.. I don't know what to do."

"Well... I haven't either." Dom replied kissing Billy lightly. "We are both in the same boat... but we’re here together." Dom whispered.

Billy nodded slightly and rested back down. "I know..Im just..I don't know...first time nerves perhaps?"

"Stomach all bubbly?" Dom asked laughing nervously.

He nodded and blushed again. "Very much so,"

Dom nodded. "And everything you feel like doing, you think will be the wrong thing?"

Billy nodded. "And I’m 37 and really shouldn't be feeling like I’m 15 again."

Dom laughed and kissed Billy lightly again. "I've been feeling 15 since the day I first kissed you."

"Apart from.." Billy smiled. "You lost it at 14!" he giggled. "You dirty catholic boy."
"Oh shush." Dom replied laughing. "And it was to a. a girl. and b. someone who isn’t nearly as beautiful as you are."

"And..Im not either catholic or Protestant!" he giggled even more. "You broke all the laws this time, Dommie!" he smiled.

"My mind goes shite when I think of you that's why." Dom smiled back. "Plus, if they want to tell me I shouldn't be with you, then I am not catholic anymore."

Billy sighed slightly and kissed Dom gently. "I love you," he whispered, he ran his hand along Dom’s arm. "So much."

Dom kissed Billy back. "I love you." Dom replied. "And I am just lucky to be with you."

"Should we...I mean...do you want to?" Billy asked shifting himself under Dom again.

"Billy I want you." Dom replied. "But I also want you to be ready. To be comfortable."

"Are you ready?" Billy asked Dom softly.

Dom bit his lip and looked into Billy's eyes. "With you, I think I am always ready." He replied

Billy smiled "Alright...then I’m okay, too."

"You... sure?" Dom asked.

He nodded. "Yes," he smiled. "I’m ready."

Dom smiled and pressed his lips to Billy's. "I love you."

Billy shifted himself again and kissed Dom back lightly. He pulled back and bit his lip. "So...what do we do now?" he smiled.

Dom giggled and shook his head. "I don't know... I don't think there has ever been a book or anything." He giggled again. "If there was you may've bound it."

Billy sniggered. "Probably..." he smiled and sat upwards. "We don't have to.."

"Billy Boyd I think you are more confused then I am." Dom giggled.

"I am! I admit it!" he smiled.

"I love you." Dom replied kissing Billy passionately. "We will know when we are ready. We don't have to rush." Dom then giggled. "We have only been officially dating two days."

Billy nodded. "I know...and it sounds so good when you say that!" he smiled.

"It sounds good when I say it!" Dom replied kissing Billy again as he slid off of Billy's hips so he was resting beside him, propped up on one arm. The other arm was wrapped around Billy's shoulder's holding him close along with one of his legs.

He nodded. "You sound so proud..." Billy smiled. "So...I don't know...but its good." he leaned up to kiss Dom's neck.

"Proud? I'm not proud. Just so goddamn lucky. I don't even think I realize what it all means yet. It hasn't fully hit me. All I know is I love you and I am laying here right now with you wrapped in my arms." Dom smiled and kissed Billy's nose.

Billy smiled and giggled a little. "I feel pretty lucky, too." he smiled. "Did I ever tell you.." he moved upwards and little and kissed Dom's ear. "How much I Iove your ears?"

"No..." Dom muttered feeling his face burning up. "My ears make me look like fucking
dumbo..." he muttered

Billy shook his head. "They don't." he told him. "If they did would tell you."

Dom couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah actually, I bet you would've." He giggled ran his hand up Billy's arms. "Have I told you how much I love your lips?"

Billy sighed. "They make me look even more like a girl. I think me and Maggie were meant to be sisters."

Dom giggled and kissed Billy, grabbing Billy's lower lip with his teeth. "I don't think they do. I think they are perfect."

"I swear," Billy said between the kiss. "Mine and Maggie’s lips got mixed up...they're so pouty."

"Pouty.... I've always liked your pouty look." Dom giggled.

"Well congratulations for being the only one."

"I am sure I am not the only one. Just the most important." Dom giggled.

Billy smiled. "Well.." he kissed Dom's nose. "I love that, too." He smiled, kissing it again. "I love your nose."

"My honker you mean." Dom rolled his eyes before laughing. "And I know you love my eye rolling."

Billy shook his head. "Your nose!" he smiled "and these lips" he kissed those too

Dom laughed smiled and kissed Billy again. "Well, I don’t think there is anything I hate about you. Except that you hate my eye rolling. I love eye rolling." Dom said laughing

"I only hate it because it makes you look like Elijah..." he giggled. "Remember all his eye rolling!"

Dom laughed and stared at Billy, trying to make his eyes bug out of his head. "Do I look like Elijah now?" he taunted.

Billy shook his head and scrunched his nose up. "DON'T!" He giggled. "I hate it!"

Dom laughed and laid a hand on Billy's cheek to stop him from shaking his head. "Alright, I'll stop." He smiled.

Billy sighed and rolled over to Dom. "I have to make an appointment with the doctor," he told him, taking his hand and lacing their fingers together

"For your cough?" Dom asked reaching down to pull the comforter over their bodies.

"Yes.." Billy said. "And..." he looked down a little and sighed.

"What?" Dom asked nudging Billy's head with his own until Billy looked up at him.

"So I can get help...like you did." he said softly.

Dom smiled, realization sinking in. "I'm glad." He whispered kissing Billy. "So glad."

"But I wondered.." he took a sigh. "If..if it would be alright for you to come with me?" he asked. "You don't have to."

"Billy, You don't even have to ask. Of course I will be there!"

Billy smiled and relaxed a little. He kissed Dom but then grinned. He moved over so he was resting over Dom and he smiled. "I love this, too.." he smiled, placing his hand right between Dom's legs.

"I... I like that too." Dom said shivering at Billy's sudden touch. "I love all of you." Dom said reaching around to pull Billy against his body.

"You like it if I do this?" he asked, moving his hand upwards.

"Aye... I like it when you do that." Dom replied kissing Billy hard, slipping his tongue into Billy's mouth.

Billy smiled and moved his hand over Dom softly at first. He trailed his tongue over Dom's and moved his hand a little faster.

"Billy..." Dom whispered into the kiss, moving his hand down Billy's back and around his body.

Billy smiled against Dom's mouth before breaking the kiss and moving Dom to suck Dom's neck. He moved his hand a little faster now and gently nibbled Dom's collarbone before moving back up to kiss his ear.

Dom giggled breathlessly and started moving his hand, slowly matching up to Billy's pace.

Billy kissed Dom's ear a little more and breathed into his hair. "You like that, Dom?" he whispered, moving his hand a small bit faster

"Oh god... yes Billy..." Dom said squeezing his eyes shut, trying to control his breathing and his self. Not to be out done by Billy, he moved his own hand faster and faster. "Come on Billy... come for me..." Dom whispered.

Billy moved his thumb over Dom's tip and smiled knowing this would set Dom off. "How bad do you want it Dom?" he whispered close to his ear.

"Fuck... Bad... now... Billy..." Dom replied trying to form a semi coherent sentence. "How can you... be so fucking.... in control?!"

Billy licked his ear and moved his thumb in short sharp movements. "This bad, Dommie?"

"Billy!" Dom cried out throwing his head at Billy's shoulder. "Bad... really bad... Billy..." He said moving his hand faster on Billy. "So bad..."

Billy looked to Dom and then to his hand before looking back. "You almost there?" he asked.

"Yes!" Dom cried out crushing his mouth to Billy's.

Billy pulled away quickly. He moved down the bed so fast, tugging Dom's boxers off quickly and he lowered himself down taking Dom into his mouth.

"Billy!" Dom said, letting go of Billy and grabbing the sheets instead as he arched up into Billy's mouth.

Billy moved down as much as he could, half expecting he would gag. He moved his tongue over Dom and moved his mouth over him as much as he could, wanting Dom to come.

"Billy... God... don't stop!" Dom cried out intertwining his fingers in Billy's hair. "Billy... gonna.... BILLY!!" Dom screamed, arching upwards.

Billy moved down one last time, sliding his tongue right over the tip and he pushed down as he felt Dom push upwards.

Dom squeaked silently as his body shuddered almost violently as his release took toll. Collapsing back on the bed he lay, breathing heavily.

Billy smiled and gently kissed Dom's tummy all the way up to his neck.

"I love you, Dom." he whispered.

"Fuck." Dom whispered kissing Billy back. "I love you too." Dom whispered running his hands through Billy's hair. "You still, have a bit of a problem." Dom said, feeling the bulge of Billy's boxers press against his stomach.

Billy nodded. "Well...yes.." he said smiling but blushing.

"I would like to help you with that." Dom said kissing Billy as his hands traveled down to the elastic of Billy's boxers. "Can I help you with that?" He asked

"I would love you to." Billy whispered, his voice catching.

Dom smiled and pulled Billy to him, kissing him hard as he pulled Billy under him. "I would love to help you with it." He kissed Billy's brow as he tugged his boxers off.

Billy smiled and leaned up to kiss Dom. "Well, then be my guest!" he smiled.

Dom smiled and kissed Billy lightly, his hands holding onto Billy's hips. "You are beautiful love." He whispered kissing Billy's tip before taking Billy into his mouth.
Billy let out a small gasp and closed his eyes. He ran his hands through Dom's hair and sighed.

"You taste so good Bills..." Dom purred moving his tongue up and down in long strokes, sucking lightly. "Do you know how much I want you?"

Billy shook his head and managed to whisper "No" it already felt so good.

"Real bad." Dom smiled running one of his hands along Billy’s thigh.

"I think I'd like..." Billy whispered. "You to want me bad.." he said his voice catching slightly.

"That’s good... because I do." Dom whispered looking up at Billy's face. Dom swirled his tongue around Billy's tip, never taking his eyes away from Billy.

Billy bit his lip and frowned slightly but smiled. "That’s good, Dommie.." he said softly.

"I love you Bills." Dom whispered wrapping his mouth around Billy once again.

Billy gave a soft cry and tugged at Dom's hair gently. "Love you, too, Dom.."
Dom smiled slightly and continued to work his tongue and mouth around Billy.

Billy sighed again and moved his hips upwards a little bit. He felt ready already, but he wanted to wait. He loved what Dom was doing. He'd never felt anything like it before. It felt so good.

Dom smiled again and shifted his body so he was more comfortable on Billy's leg. Billy was close, he could see it in Billy's face.

Billy smiled and opened his eyes slightly. "I like that.." he whispered to Dom.

"Like what?" Dom purred again repeating his movement

"That.." Billy said, almost unable to finish even saying the word.

"This?" Dom whispered huskily

Billy couldn't answer. He gave a small cry and bucked upwards again, letting go of Dom's hair and gripping the sheets. He attempted a nod, but gave another soft cry.

"Or this?" Dom asked licking Billy's tip quickly before sucking Billy lightly again, as he tried to hold Billy's hips down.

"Oh god, Dom..." Billy muttered pushing up hard, as Dom held him down. "Christ." His breathing quickened now.

Dom smiled and did both actions again, pressing on Billy's hips hard enough to keep him half restrained but not enough to hurt him

"Dom.." Billy whispered. "Dom..I think.." he pushed up again but couldn't because of Dom holding him down.

"Billy." Dom purred smiling teasingly as he quickly released Billy's hips.

Billy bucked up so quickly. He arched his back and cried out loudly as he felt himself almost ready.

"Billy... come for me..." Dom whispered

He gripped the sheets and pushed upwards and closing his eyes tightly. "Oh god Dom!" he cried. "I’m going to.."

Dom moved around Billy's tip once more, feeling Billy rise off of the bed even further, crying out once again.

His whole body shuddered as he came hard, he cried out Dom's name as he did and once he released, he fell back to the bed breathing fast.

Dom crawled up to lay beside Billy. Kissing his cheek gently he placed a hand around Billy's waist which was moving up and down fast, his breath still coming up short. "I love you." Dom murmured kissing him again.

"Thank you..." Billy whispered, kissing Dom. "That was amazing."

"You're amazing." Dom smiled laying his head down on Billy's chest.

Billy sighed and smiled. He kissed the top of Dom's head. "I have...to go to the doctors soon." he told him softly.

"We have to make an appointment right?" Dom asked kissing Billy's chest.

He smiled. "I already did."

"When did you do that? We've been up here like all day except for our little... well...." Dom said trailing off. "You are full of surprises."

"I said I wanted to get better.." he said softly. "I want to get better like you."

Dom smiled and leant up to kiss Billy. "I am glad. I love you."

"We better get ready, then." he said softly.

"I think we need showers." Dom laughed looking down at his own sweat slicked body.

Billy nodded. "And clean underwear!"

Dom started giggling madly as he kissed Billy again. "Yes... Clean underwear."

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