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Honiahaka Fala


Oh my goodness. I must now take a moment to apologise to everyone here. There has been quite a few things, which have prevented us from both writing and posting here. As of now, Dani's connection is off and we're not sure for how long for. Yes, I have connection, so yes, I could post too, I hear you all say! But! haha! But normally we need to get together (but not like that) to kind of go over each chapter we post and things like that. I plan on trying to get the next chapter up soon, by sending Dani an email so she can see that it's alright and everything, so my most deepest apologies for keeping you all "on hold" and thank you all very much for waiting and hanging tight.

Thank you all very much, and sorry again for the delay. And I will say this now, but I hope to have the next chapter up soon. (As in a few days, soon, not a few months!)
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