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Chapter six

Thank you all again for all your feedback. We hope you're enjoying the fic, and thank you all for reading. Since Christmas is over now, we hope to get a few more chapters up this week, before the New Year celebrations, so thank you all again, and look out for more chapters over the next few days. :)

"Help, I need somebody, help, Not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone..." Dom sang out as he wiped down the sink. He and Billy weren't exactly the neatest people. "Heeeeeeeeelp!"

Billy came down the stairs hearing Dom's, well, singing, Billy called it squealing really, but he gave a small sigh and grinned as he watched from the door, Dom not knowing he was there.

"Help I need some... Billy!" Dom said giggling at his improvisions. "Help, Not just anybody, help I just need my BILLLLY." He sang out before having to stop from laughing. His words didn't even match the beat!

Billy bit his lip trying to stifle his laughter. As far as Dom knew, Billy was upstairs somewhere. He tried to hold in a snigger and continued to watch him, leaning up against the wall.

A jingle went off from on top of the window sill and Dom made his way over to the sink to pick up the phone. "Hello?" Dom asked smiling as his mother said hello. "Hullo mum! How are you?!" Dom asked smiling broadly. It had been a while since he had talked to anyone in his family.

Billy turned away now, leaving Dom and his conversation in private. He thought about watching TV, but decided against it, opening the bay-windows he went outside. He wandered down towards the long fence right at the bottom of the garden and smiled as he looked out to the lake below. He rested on the fence and just stood there, taking everything in.

"Alright, love you too mum. Oh, and you like Billy right?" Dom asked smiling uncertainly. "Well..." Dom said as his mother said she did. He looked out of the window to see Billy leaning against the fence. "Well Mum, Billy and I are together now..... Thanks mum. Love you." Dom hung up the phone and went outside.

Billy was too busy looking everywhere--mostly to the mountains to notice. It was so peaceful here. He was remembering how it was when they'd all first arrived and it hadn't seemed to have changed, no matter how long they'd be there. It still felt like the first time.

"Hey." Dom said softly slipping an arm around Billy's waist. "Beautiful isn't it?" He asked quietly.

Billy smiled and half turned slightly. "I heard the phone go..is everything alright?" he asked softly, reaching up to run his fingers through Dom's hair.

"Yeah." Dom smiled and leaned against Billy. "I told my mum. She was pretty cool with it. I think at first it shocked her but then she was like... aww Dommie!" Dom paused a second. "I think she knew, or something."

Billy smiled. "Good. I’m glad she's okay with it." he looked to Dom and grinned. "So, are we like...are we official now?" he asked looking right into Dom's eyes.

Dom looked over at Billy and leaned forward to press their lips together. "Yes. We are." Dom said kissing him again.

Billy smiled against Dom's lips and rested his hands gently on Dom's arms. He nuzzled against him a little before moving up to softly kiss him again. "Good," he smiled. He leaned closely towards Dom, feeling the most comfortable he'd ever felt.

"Bills." Dom said quietly, kissing him softly before pulling away to look into Billy's eyes. "I--think I love you."

Billy looked to Dom for a little while but smiled to him. He gently took Dom's hand in his. "Well," he whispered. "Good." he smiled but his lip and looked Dom in the eye, too. "I think I love you, too."

"Good." Dom whispered leaning in to kiss Billy again. "I was cleaning the kitchen for you. Just because you have been doing everything for me. I thought I would do something for you." Dom said smiling cheekily

Billy smiled and gently kissed his neck. "Thank you," he smiled. "You know what I did?" he asked softly.

"What did you do?" Dom asked softly.

"I did something for you..." he said softly.

"For me?" Dom asked, smiling and kissing Billy's temple.

He nodded. "For you." he took Dom's hand. "Come with me." he smiled. Billy lead him back inside the house and up the stairs. He opened the bathroom door and smiled to Dom as they both saw the bath full, with bubbles, candles and champagne. "All for you," he smiled.

Dom's eyes widened. Looking over at Billy he saw Billy looking back at him, the candle light flickering across Billy's face. "God Billy. You're beautiful." Dom whispered.

Billy didn't respond. He only smiled at Dom and ran his hand across his face, leaning forwards and kissing him deeply. "So are you," he whispered back.

"Feel like getting a little wet?" Dom whispered holding the bottom of Billy's shirt and tugging slightly.

Billy looked at him, smiling. "I don't know if it'll fit us both." he said softly.

Dom looked over at the tub and then at Billy. "We can manage." He whispered tugging the shirt up and over Billy's head

Billy smiled and gently unfastened Dom's belt, moving his hands up under Dom's t-shirt and he pulled it off him and dropped it to the floor. "If you think we can...I wouldn't mind trying.." Billy smiled.

Dom smiled back and quickly unfastened Billy's jeans as he shook his hips to get his own jeans off.

"Well." Billy smiled. "I think we're almost ready," he smiled. He stepped over to the bath before removing his own underwear and then getting in. He grinned up to Dom. "Water's just right!" he smiled.

Dom smiled and slowly walked over to the tub. Grinning down at Billy he whispered, "You are very lovely when you are wet Bills." Smiling again he stepped over the side. His brace came off easilly, and he was grateful for the fact it wasn't a cast. Dom smiled and slid into the tub his body fitting alongside Billy's. "Perfect fit." He whispered before covering Billy's mouth with his own.

Billy gave a soft cry as Dom's lips met his. He reached over and ran his hand over Dom's waist, across his hip, gently bringing the water up over them. He ran his fingers up Dom’s arm and kissed him a little harder before finally running his hand up along Dom’s face and through his hair.

Dom prodded Billy's lower lip with his tongue, asking to be let in. Billy's mouth opened and their tongues met in a frenzy. Dom wanted to taste all of Billy. "Billy..." Dom whispered as Billy's hand moved to the base of his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss.

Billy moved his tongue over Dom’s, he mumbled a "yes?" into Dom’s mouth before he kissed him harder.

"I want you." Dom whispered moving his head to kiss Billy's jaw bone softly before moving down more to lick Billy's collar bone. Placing a soft kiss on Billy's neck he meet Billy's green eyes.

Billy smiled to Dom, his face flushed with the heat of the bath. He nodded partly and smiled. "I want you, too." he whispered, leaning in a little and sucking on Dom's neck.

Moving his head to the side, giving Billy better access to his neck Dom twisted his fingers through Billy's hair, pulling him closer. "Tell me what you want Bills." Dom whispered turning to kiss the top of Billy's head.

Billy made his way down to Dom's collarbone. "I want..." he said in between kisses "I want to feel everything..." he kissed Dom’s chest. "I want you..." he sucked a little on Dom's collarbone "and me" he kissed his neck "to become one," he met Dom’s lips.

"Oh God." Dom whispered kissing Billy passionately. "I want it too.. so badly... so badly..." Dom whispered trailing off. Kissing Billy's neck, Dom's hand trailed down Billy's chest and around his back. Dom moved so he was resting over Billy's body, one leg resting against Billy's thigh. Oh god! Dom thought to himself, smiling. He never would've believed any of this week would happen.

Billy gave a small sigh. He was so content. He moved upwards a little to meet Dom's lips and he kissed him hard, before lowering to his neck again. "I want it too," he whispered against Dom's skin. "I want it so much..." he told him, sucking on his neck.

Dom smiled again. "I want to feel you." Dom whispered leaving a trail of kisses down Billy's chest, sensing him shiver when he kissed below his rip cage. Dom smiled and kissed him again before continuing on. "I..." Dom whispered as a bottle went crashing down over the side of the tub behind him. "I think... the bed... would be more comfortable." Dom said kissing his way back up Billy's chest before crushing their lips together.

Billy nodded and smiled. "I think it would." he said in between kisses. "But..." he smiled and ran his hands down Dom’s back. "I think we should just..." he nibbled his neck. "I think we should stay wet." he whispered right against Dom's ear.

"Fuck Billy." Dom gasped before crushing their lips together again. With his foot he kicked everything on the back of the tub off onto the floor. "Just to save time." He giggled softly.

Billy smiled against his mouth and began to rise upwards a little. "My room..." he whispered. "Let's go in there." He and Dom clambered out of the bath, not for a moment stopping touching each other. All along the hallway their hands ran over each other, never breaking the kiss. Billy's room was scattered with candles, the bed freshly made and every thing in place. "Here we are." he smiled kissing hard against Dom's lips.

"And here we will stay." Dom whispered grabbing Billy's back and pulling him into a kiss. Dom walked forward leading Billy to the bed. Letting Billy down carefully Dom climbed over him and pressed a kiss to Billy's lips. "I love you." He whispered.

Billy smiled up and him, kissing him gently. "I love you, too," he said, his voice near a whisper.

Dom smiled back at Billy and slowly. Looking into Billy's eyes he dipped down to lick a trail of water down the side of Billy's face.

Billy closed his eyes and smiled. He felt his body arching upwards already, and they'd not even begun. He sighed again and let out a soft moan. He held Dom gently but smiled under him.

Dom smiled at the feeling of Billy pressing hard into his thigh. Looking down into Billy's eyes he kissed the center of Billy's brow. "You really are...amazing." Dom whispered running his hands down Billy's chest.

Billy leaned up to kiss him. "Dom..." Billy whispered. He ran his hand over Dom's shoulder. "I love you." he whispered. "I don't want anything to change." he whispered.

Dom paused and looked up at Billy. "If anything is going to change..." He whispered licking up Billy's neck. "It will only be that we are closer." He finished.

Billy smiled and leaned upwards to kiss Dom just under his ear-lobe. "Good," he said right against Dom's ear. "Good," he smiled, brushing his lips over Dom's cheek and then onto his lips.

Dom smiled against Billy's lips and kissed him hard before pulling away. "I want to taste you." Dom said softly as he moved down to place a kiss to the right of Billy's belly button.

Billy smiled and closed his eyes giving a small moan. He felt himself pushing upwards again, he couldn't seem to help himself. He bit his lip slightly. "Love you, Dommie," He whispered.

"I love you too Bills." Dom cooed as he placed a kiss on Billy's inner thigh. "Love you so much."

Billy held onto the sheets of the bed and curled them in his fingers. "Have..." Billy sighed again as Dom's lips traced over his skin. "Have you ever done this before?" he asked softly.

"No...never." Dom said with a small laugh. "Have you?" He asked placing another kiss on Billy's thigh.

Billy shook his head, suddenly feeling slightly nervous. "No." he whispered. "Never."

"I'm a little nervous...but knowing we are both in the same spot makes me feel better. We don't have to right now you know." Dom whispered. "I love you, and I will wait."

Billy sat up a little. "Do you want to?" he asked softly.

"I do, if you do." Dom replied leaving his spot from at Billy's ankles to move to Billy's side. "But I want you to be ready. I want you to be comfortable. And heck, maybe I'm not even ready. All I know is that I love you and no matter what we are doing, or not doing, I am fine with that."

Billy smiled and kissed Dom's lips. He reached down and pulled the covers over them both. "Know what I want?" he smiled. He ran his hand along Dom's side. "I want to explore you..." he moved his had very lightly across Dom's thigh before he stopped. He grinned. "I mean...really explore you."

Dom's breath hitched at the sudden touch from Billy as Billy's fingertips ran across his thigh. "Well..." Dom whispered, trying to keep his voice steady and as cocky as ever. "If you really want to."

Billy half-smiled. "I really do," he whispered, leaning more closely to Dom and gently moving his hand between Dom's legs. "You know what else..." he nibbled on Dom's ear-lobe. "I think you should explore me, too."

"I think I agree." Dom said wrapping one arm around the back of Billy's neck, pulling him into a kiss. "I've been a hobbit...but never an explorer." He whispered, his hand moving down Billy's back to cup his arse.

Billy moved his tongue into Dom's mouth and bought his hand up slowly, moving his fingers over Dom. He smiled as he felt Dom shiver a little, although he didn't really know where his sudden confidence had come from.

Dom lightly pushed Billy until he was leaning over the other man's body. Flicking his tongue to the sensitive roof of Billy's mouth he felt Billy rise slowly against him. Kissing Billy one more time, Dom moved to suck gently on Billy's neck.

Billy moved his hand up and little further this time, moving his hand to all areas but was careful and gentle with each movement. He kissed Dom a little harder and with his other hand, he ran his fingers along Dom's chest.

A low groan game from Dom's throat. He was lying nearly on top of Billy. "God, I want you." He whispered moving his hand down Billy's chest, stomach, and then to settle on his hip. "I really want you." He whispered kissing Billy hard as his hand slipped between Billy's legs

Billy kissed him even harder, his hand moving between Dom's legs a little faster now. He ran his hand to the small of Dom's back and arched himself up a little. "Want you too..." he breathed against Dom's neck. "I want you so much." he sucked on Dom's neck and trailed his fingers across Dom, moving his wrist faster.

"Oh god..." Dom breathed out, moving his hand to match Billy's steady rhythm. Their tongue's tangling, Dom wrapped his fingers into Billy's hair.

Billy pushed upwards again. He left small kisses along Dom's neck and on his collarbone before moving back up to his mouth again. He gave a soft cry, and his voice caught as he whispered Dom's name. Billy bucked his hips upwards a little and with this other hand he held Dom's back tightly, pulling him down on his chest.

"Billy!" Dom cried out as their bodies slammed together as Billy pulled him down. He moved his hand even faster, wanting to lead Billy to his release. Billy did the same and Dom arched against Billy. "Billy...god...gonna..."

Billy closed his eyes tightly, his face growing flustered, he gave out small cries and kissed Dom all over his face and neck. He moved his hand much faster, pushing upwards as Dom pushed down, his fingertips digging into Dom's back. "Dom..." Billy cried. "Dom!" He pushed upwards more so and kissed him so hard.

"Billy..." Dom said, voice strained as he concentrated on Billy's face. "Come for me." He whispered kissing Billy lightly. "Come with me."

Billy opened his mouth a small pout, his eyes closed but he nodded. He bit his lip and moved his other hand down between Dom's legs. "Im...almost..." he whispered, he pushed up a little more. "I’m..." he moved up to kiss Dom "Dom!" he suddenly screamed, pushing upwards. "Dom!!" He cried again.

"Billy!" Dom screamed out unable to control himself as his body shook violently. He felt Billy shaking under him as he collapsed on top of Billy breathing heavily.

Billy's movements slowed right down as he felt himself release. He gave one last soft cry and smiled, leaning up to kiss Dom. "Dom..." he whispered softly. "I love you." he said, his voice soft, but still breathless.

Dom shifted slightly so he wasn't crushing him as he kissed him back. "I love you too." Dom whispered kissing Billy again.

Billy turned to face Dom and he smiled slightly. "Thank you." he said. He kissed Dom's chin and moved closer to him, pulling the covers closer over them both.

"For what?" Dom asked kissing Billy's cheek. "I should be thanking you."

Billy smiled softly but closed his eyes, hardly answering "I love you." Billy rested his hand over Dom's waist and sighed sleepily. He'd never felt more content.

Dom smiled and kissed Billy's brow. Wrapping his arms tighter around Billy he sighed. Everything was perfect. They were perfect. "Thank you." Dom whispered, knowing Billy was asleep from the steady rise and fall of his chest. Kissing him lightly again Dom smiled and fell asleep.

It must've been at least 4am when Billy woke up. He woke up with a start, his head pounding his heart racing. He didn't know what the fuck he'd just dreamed, but he knew he didn't like it. He looked over, seeing Dom sleeping soundly. He didn't want to wake him. He unsteadily got out of bed and slipped on his robe and made his way down the stairs.

Dom rolled over smiling. "Billy?" He mumbled trying to open his eyes quickly. Rubbing the sleep away he sat up, seeing Billy wasn't even in the room. "Bills?" He croaked as he climbed out of the bed. Going back to the bathroom he grabbed his boxers and yanked them on as he went to the stairs. "Billy?!" He called down hoping nothing was wrong.

Billy was in the kitchen, getting himself a drink. He didn't hear Dom calling him. He was too busy getting himself some food as well. He pulled out a knife and played it in his hands a few seconds before frowning, but decided to use it for what it was meant to be used for. He cut into the loaf of bread.

"Billy?" Dom called again as he skidded into the kitchen and slammed into the counter. "Billy!" He exclaimed as Billy spun around. "Are you okay?! I woke up and you weren't there... and I mean.... Are you okay?"

Billy turned still holding the knife and realized what it could have looked like. He frowned a little. "Yes..." he said softly. "I’m okay."

"Are you sure?!" Dom asked walking over to where Billy was. Seeing the bread slices in front of Billy he relaxed a little. "Is anything wrong? Do you regret anything?"

Billy looked at him. "About the bread?" he asked looking right at Dom.

"Um not exactly what I meant but..." Dom said laughing nervously. "Well I mean you left and I didn't know if something was wrong. I mean, I can go get my things if you want...or something..." Dom said looking away.

Billy walked towards Dom and gently ran his hand across his face. "Don't be." Billy stopped himself and smiled gently. "Don't go." he kissed Dom on the lips gently and bought him into a hug. "Its not you at all. I don't regret anything with you."

"I just wasn't sure." Dom said, his cheeks starting to flush. "I...sorry." He mumbled as he kissed Billy back. "I don't regret anything either."

Billy held him close and brushed his nose against Dom's ear. "I just had a bad dream," he told him. He kissed Dom's neck. "It wasn't nothing to do with you."

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Dom whispered wrapping his arms around Billy's back and pulling him closer.

Billy shook his head. "I’m alright...I just wanted a drink and something to eat." Billy's eyes rose to the window behind Dom. "Hey," he smiled. He took Dom's hand and opened up the doors. "Look at that!" He smiled there was a full moon and a sky full of stars.

"Come here." Dom whispered smiling as he pulled Billy to the living room. "Wait here." He whispered as he crept into the darkness only to emerge seconds later with a blanket. Wrapping an arm around Billy's waist Dom opened the front door and laid the blanket in the grass. "I'll go get your food... Be right back." He said smiling and jogging back inside.

Billy smiled. He sat down and looked up to the sky, waiting for Dom to come back. He gave a soft sigh and smiled at the thought of him and Dom and everything that had happened.

"Here luv." Dom said handing Billy a thermos of Hot Chocolate that he had decided on getting. Placing the plate on the ground he knelt down and snuggled his way to Billy's side, one arm under Billy's back. "It's beautiful." Dom said smiling up at the sky that was stretching miles above them.

Billy smiled and turned to kiss Dom's cheek. "Like you," he said simply. Billy moved as close as he could to Dom and he sighed. "Look..." Billy said pointing to the moon. "See that really bright star on the left?" he asked softly,.

Dom snuggled closer to Billy's side, half burying his face against Billy's chest. "Yeah? What about that star?" Dom asked smiling and looking up to where Billy was pointing.

Billy smiled. "That's my Merry star," he told him. He glanced to Dom slightly. "I made it when Pippin and Merry were separated in ROTK." he told him. "That's your star, Dommie."

"Aww Bills." Dom whispered, feeling tears spring to his eyes. Leaning over he placed his hand on Billy's cheek, leaning his face upwards. "No, that’s our star." He said kissing Billy.

Billy half-smiled. "Look how much clearer the moon is on this side of the world," Billy whispered.

"It's so much more beautiful." Dom said leaning up against his arm. "I love how it looks on you. The way it dances in your eyes."

Billy looked to him, frowning. "What do you mean?" he asked softly.

"I mean, you are beautiful. And the moonlight just illuminates it." Dom said kissing Billy lightly.

Billy gently kissed him back. "That’s nice of you to say, Dom..." he said softly.

"I like being honest." Dom replied laying his head back on Billy's chest. "You know..." Dom said softly. "I don't think I have ever truly been...content." He looked up at Billy. "Until now."

Billy smiled down at him. "Me either." he said softly. "I do love you, Dom." Billy smiled. "I think I always have." he admitted.

Dom squeezed Billy's waist tighter. "I remember the fist time we ever met." Dom said laughing. "I think it was then... that I fell for you. Hiding everything...was hard...so hard... But I did. I don't think I should've. What do you think would've happened then?"

Billy smiled. "We would have been turned away by Pete. I don't think "kissing cousins" was what he was looking for," Billy smiled and kissed Dom gently.

Dom giggled in agreement. "No...Lord of the Rings incest. It would've stopped the Frodo Sam rumors though."

Billy smiled. "I don't regret it, though...I’m happy we even found each other in the first place...I’m just so happy that we really found each other now."

"Me too." Dom replied leaning up to kiss Billy again. "So very glad."

"Look! there's a shooting star!" he smiled. "Did you see it?"

Dom smiled as he the star disappear. "Yes. And I made a wish." Dom said smiling. "Did you make one Bills?"

Billy grinned a little. "I most certainly did." he smiled. He kissed Dom again.

"Wanna tell me what you wished?" Dom asked leaning up again so he could look at Billy.

"It might not come true," he smiled. He moved his hands along Dom's arms. "But..." he smiled. "I have a feeling it already is."

"I'm getting a little cold." Dom said looking down at himself. He was still only wearing boxers. Snuggling closer into Billy he whispered, "Will you hold me?"

Billy tried to hide the fact he was already shivering. He'd not been feeling well for a few days. He smiled and nodded. "There’s no need to ask." He wrapped his arms around Dom and pulled him close.

"Billy..." Dom whispered yawning into Billy's shoulder. "You're shaking. What's wrong?"

Billy frowned slightly. "Nothings wrong," he said softly, trying to smile. "I’m fine."

"Billy." Dom whispered kissing Billy lightly. "Something is wrong. Maybe not emotionally but you are shaking and it's not from the cold."

To be continued...
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