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Chapter 5

Merry Christmas to everyone! A day late, but here is a longer chapter. :) Thank you all for your feed back! It is MUCH appreciated.

Billy was speeding down the road, so far past the limit; he couldn't even see the signs. They blurred past him, and he went through a couple of red lights on the way. He spun round into another street and sped up even more as angry tears lined his eyes. He finally screeched to a halt and slammed his hands down on the wheel. "Fucking arse...fucking telling me I'm a fucking arsehole. Don't even know what’s up with me, stupid wanker," He got out the car and slammed the door shut, and then headed inside the shop.

Dom found himself in front of the tree, looming meters above his head. It was somehow comforting, and he walked around the base trying to find secure footing. He found a notch and stepped up. Grabbing branch after branch he continued climbing until he couldn't move between anymore branches. Looking down he swore. He had never been that far up before. "Well... go back down the same way dumbass.. Come one Monaghan... you can do this..." He said to himself as he tried lowering himself to the branch below. He slipped on the branch and quickly pulled himself up to a seating position. "Fuck. Fuck, fuck. fuck!"

Billy made his way around the shop, got back in his car as he threw the stuff into the backseat. Someone came up to the window and Billy cursed, thinking it was a fan. He wound down the window. A police officer stood there, with a note-book and pen.

Dom swung his foot in the open and leaned against the tree. Billy was mad now... but once he saw Dom's car was still there, and Dom was gone, he would come to find him and help him.. right? "Fuck." Dom said as he looked at other branches to try to find another way down. "Just great Monaghan."

Billy sighed. The officer kindly reminded him he was nearly a fourth of the limit that it wasn't really acceptable, no matter who he was and he gave Billy a ticket. "I could arrest you," the officer said. Billy didn't answer. The officer left with a bill for a $750 fine and Billy wound up the window and screamed so loudly, he wondered if anyone had heard him.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... there they are a sitting in a row.. Oh, oh, oh." Dom whispered his song as he tried not to cry. "Fucking hell." He swore as he gripped the branch above him. He had to get down. Who knew when Billy was going to get back! He placed his foot gently on the branch below him and then both feet. "1...2...3..." he whispered before letting go with his hands. He landed down and swung forward so his stomach was against a second branch, his feet still placed firmly. He started laughing then as he clung onto the branch. "Fucking crazy."

Billy really couldn't give a shit. He reversed; pulled out and sped off down towards the beach. His car screeched to a stop. "She can have the whole bloody house if she wants." he thought to himself, taking a running dive, full-length into the water. Billy swam out so damn far, his arms ached. He stopped mid-water suddenly, and went back up for air. Why the fuck should he be ashamed? That was HIS house. His bloody house. The waves came over and he dunked down again and something in him stopped. The water...felt the same as the water in Mexico. Though this time, Dom wasn't swimming close behind. This time, Dom didn't need help. Dom didn't need to get out of some darkness. Billy did. And he was dragging Dom down with him. That wasn't right. He started swimming back, he didn't want to be helped, true, but he knew he needed it. The water helped him clear his head, much like the water had helped Dom. Billy only wished Dom was here with him...not in his room writing in his journal, not with this horrible wall that had seemed to come between them. He needed to go home. He needed to talk to Dom.

"Breathe." Dom said to himself as he tried to stand on the branch. He heard a distinct cracking sound coming from the base of the branch. "Shite." He was going to cry... he knew it. Could things get any worse? Billy, was out probably driving like some crazy not caring what happened. Not caring who saw him. Not caring where Dom was. "I just want my bloody Pippin!" He said feeling the tears slide down his cheek. He shouldn't have come to see 'Treebeard'. It had been a difficult climb even with Peter and the other people of the crew directing him and Billy. Him and Billy. Dom looked over his shoulder. Billy usually would've been sitting there laughing at his faces as he tried to climb down. Billy was just there yesterday. But not today. Dom was alone. "For Billy." Dom said wiping his eyes and looking down at the branches. He was going to get down. He was going to go back. He was going to sit Billy down, and they were going to talk. Taking a deep breath, a new found courage swelled up inside of him. Slowly, step by step he made his way down. "Three left Monaghan! You did it! For Billy." He smiled to himself sliding too quickly down the branch and missing the one below completely. With a thud he crumpled to the ground and a sharp pain vibrated through his leg and body. "At least I am down..." He whispered as he leaned against the tree and shut his eyes.

He pulled up into the driveway seeing Dom's car parked there and the door open. Walking up the stairs he saw Dom's bedroom door was also open and he read the open journal page on Dom's bed. Walking across the yard he passed by a small pile of shredded and ripped up grass. Someone has passed by here and they were in a shite mood. He kept walking across land, Dom's land. His Dom's land. He suddenly felt like he was trespassing. He had gotten all of this land so Dom could enjoy it. It was how he knew exactly where Dom was. He had to keep going.

Billy saw Dom, his heart pounding as his walk turned to a jog, which quickly broke into a run. Dom's eyes were closed, and above him, branches were broken and snapped. Billy was at Dom's side so quickly nothing else that had been said earlier matter. He looked to Dom's face, and gently rested his hand on Dom's arm.

Dom felt someone's hand against his arm. Trying to smile, he was still unsure if it was actually Billy or not... "Billy?" He heard himself croak as he tried to turn his head upwards. Opening his eyes slowly, sunshine came pounding down, making him shut them again.

"It’s me, Dom...Your Pippin..." he whispered, feeling himself choke a little as he saw Dom’s leg. "You're hurt.." he whispered.

"I am?" Dom asked trying to move and stand up. Crying out as he applied pressure to his leg he fell to the ground against Billy. "Oh fuck!" He whispered biting down on his lip.

Billy hooked his arms behind Dom and very gently moved him. "I'm sorry.." he whispered, bringing all of Dom's weight onto himself. "I'm sorry, Dom..."

"Billy, don’t be. I am glad." Dom whispered with a small laugh as he turned his face to look at Billy. "I knew you would find me. You are my Pippin." Dom whispered as he wrapped his arm around Billy's back. “Where… did you go?” Dom asked as they made their way slowly out of the clearing. Dom leaning against Billy and hobbling along.

"Uh...just around...took a swim, cleared my head.." he said, keeping his arm behind Dom. "Got myself a speeding ticket, too." he said softly.

Dom shook his head. "You know... I was up there and knew you were out there driving like a psycho." Dom said softly, then wishing he hadn't said anything. "Are you alright?"

Billy ignored Dom's fist comment and nodded. "Now that I've found you." he said softly. He was silent for a while and then he sighed. "I guess talking would have been the better option, then."

"Yeah... probably." Dom said wincing as he tripped on a stick. "Fuck.. Sorry." He added as Billy straightened them both out. "Well... we have time now." He said looking over at Billy

Billy didn't answer for a while, and made sure Dom was alright before walking slowly again. "I think...we have quite a bit of talking to do...I mean...real talking." he said, as their house came into view.

“We can talk now if you want too.” Dom said quietly as they left the woods and started along flatter land.

Billy nodded. He sighed a little. "Dom, I know you heard me say this before...I just don't want you getting hurt, alright? I know you love Evi and everything, but...Dom…something about her...it's not right." He slowed a little as Dom struggled. "It’s causing problems with us...you should hear what she says about you when..." he stopped, realizing Dom probably wouldn't know about that.

Dom stopped and let go of Billy. He looked at him hard, confused, and slightly angry. “I do love Evi yes and I love you too Bills. She knows that. You know that.” He stopped talking and licked his lower lip. “What do you mean, she says things?” He asked slowly

Billy looked down and didn't speak. "Nothing." He blinked a few times before looking back to him. "Nothing...let's just...go home."

"I'm not leaving until you tell me." Dom said stubbornly crossing his arms. "You said she says things. What does she say? Or do you really have NOTHING because she doesn't say things?" Dom asked finding his anger rising.

Billy glanced to Dom and said nothing. He played about with his shirt before looking to Dom again. "Yes. I have nothing. Because I am a 13-year-old school kid." he narrowed his eyes. "Walk back on your own." he said, his face full of hurt as he started walking back on his own

Dom opened his mouth to speak then shut it again. He looked up, tears swimming in his eyes as Billy continued walking slowly. “Billy! I didn’t mean it like that! Wait!” Dom called moving to follow Billy. He took one step on his good leg and then tried to wobble forward but tripped, falling flat to the ground. Excruciating pain ripped up his leg and he screamed out. “FUCK!”

Billy didn't want to stop, but he couldn't leave Dom. No matter how much it had hurt him, he couldn't just leave him there. He went back over, picked him up and hooked his arm around him again, walking him back but saying nothing.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Dom said once they reached the stairs. “I just… don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me something like that.”

“Wait here… I’ll go and get the car.” Billy said not answering Dom’s question. He left Dom leaning against the railing. He got into the car and paused, breathing in deeply. With a sigh he started up the car and parked in front of the steps. Helping Dom in the car, he refused to answer any of Dom’s questions

Once they arrived at the hospital Billy went to the receptionist and asked for a wheel chair.

“It’s an emergency.” He told her as he wheeled Dom back into the room. She looked at Dom’s leg and quickly took the chair out of Billy’s hands.

“Billy!?” Dom said trying to turn around in the chair. He saw Billy still standing in the same spot.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Billy said after a moment before following the nurse down the hall, catching up with the wheel chair and taking Dom’s hand. They both fell silent but that was enough.

* * *

"I think you need to talk to her." Billy sighed. Dom had asked him all the way home what Evi had been saying and enough was enough! Once they were inside, he gently helped Dom to sit on the sofa and Billy was silent, taking to the stairs, going to his room and closing the door behind him. He didn't feel like saying anything else

Dom sighed, resting his leg up on the coffee table carefully. The doctor said he would have to wear the brace for 2 weeks and then just watch it to make sure nothing went wrong. Sighing, Dom reached over to grab the lap top. Signing on, he saw Evi was there waiting for him. Sighing contently he smiled. "At least one person cares."

Billy sighed as he looked over to the clock. It was 5:15 in the morning. Knowing he'd never go back to sleep, he got up, saw Dom's door was closed; he was silent as he went downstairs. He didn't want to wake Dom. When Dom did wake up, they would talk. Properly. Like adults and finally sort this whole mess out. He stopped on the last step as he saw Dom on the sofa. He frowned slightly and walked over, softly in case he was asleep.

Dom still had the lap top open, the conversation blinking up at him. He couldn't read the words now... for the tears that were still streaming down his face blocked his vision. But he knew what they said. He knew every last word. 'It's over.'

Billy was silent as he walked over and he sighed a little, kneeling down in front of Dom. He very carefully moved the laptop off and reached over for the blanket and pulled it over Dom, wrapping it over his shoulders. He stood up and went to make Dom a hot drink, he didn't say anything until he came back, placing Dom's drink on the side. He knelt down in front of Dom and very carefully ran his hand over Dom's forehead, brushing his hair out the way. "What happened?" he asked very softly.

Dom choked out a sob, a fresh swell of tears pouring from his eyes. "I'm sorry Billy! I'm sorry!" He sobbed pulling his knee to his chest and wrapping his arms around his leg. Burying his head he felt his sobs racking his shoulders. He couldn't stop for anything. He fucked up. Badly.

Billy frowned and ran his hand over Dom's forehead again; he bought him into a light hug and held him. "Shh, now, don't apologize...just...tell me what happened." he said very softly, staying close to Dom, and running his thumb over Dom's shoulder.

Dom moved, so he was against Billy’s chest and found him self clinging to the back of Billy’s shirt. “She… she started making up all these excuses… how she was a drama queen and she shouldn’t be doing this and how I deserved better. And then… she said how she didn’t think it would work if I was here with you and how she didn’t want to do this anymore. And I asked her what… and she… and I was yelling at you yesterday… and now you’re mad at me and I don’t want you being mad at me! I don’t want you going Billy! I don’t want you to leave me!” Dom cried pulling Billy closer as if he would just disappear right then and there.

"I’m not, Dom.." he held Dom close. "I’m not going anywhere." he ran his hands over Dom's back and sighed. "Did she tell you the things she said about you?" he asked, wondering why Dom felt he would leave him.

"She... she said... She said that she had been having conversations but she wouldn't tell me what and I asked her... just to talk to me... and she said she had to go... she said... it was over."

Billy nodded and held him close, but reached over for the mug of tea. "Drink some of this," he said raising it to Dom's lips, gently, he helped Dom hold it before setting it back down. He moved Dom back and cover him over again, and sighed. "It's going to be alright." he said softly. "We'll work this out, okay?"

Dom nodded and sniffled. "I... it just... it got me to think... about everything that was really, really important to me..." Dom whispered, bringing up a hand and wiping at his eyes. "And... and it's not the fact that she's gone." Dom said looking up at Billy. "I mean... I liked her... a lot... but it got me thinking.... that if I had listened to her... and if I had been so blind as to be with her ... I would've... I would've lost you Billy."

Billy shook his head. "Don't go talking like that.." he said softly, taking Dom's hand gently. "Don't say those things." he whispered. "They're not true."

"But I almost did Billy! I almost lost you because I was such a fucking prick." Dom said biting his lip. "I've almost lost you countless times but you are still here... one time... you won't be."

"Dom, stop it." Billy said. "I'm still here. No-one but you said I wouldn't be here. It's up to me if I’m here or not, and I am, alright, I'm here. I’m not leaving you. I never said I would." he sat up a little more. "And you're not...a fucking prick, alright, you...you're just...you were in love." Billy looked down, remembering his own girlfriend. The one person he thought he'd spend the rest of his life with, and she was gone. Their home, now Billy and Dom's, it was here and she wasn't. Billy forced himself not to cry. Not to think of what she'd done. He shook his head. "I'm still here." he whispered.

Dom paused and thought silently. ’You were in love.’ “I wasn’t… I am… but not... fuck.” Dom said resting his head in his hands

Billy looked to him. "What do you mean?" he asked softly.

"I... I..." Dom stopped biting his lip. It was as if everything was coming together... but no... It couldn't be. Could it? "I meant.... that I wasn't in love with her. I was... am... I... don't know." Dom whispered meeting Billy's eyes.

"You're what?" Billy asked, moving forwards, his hand resting on Dom's. "What is it? Are you okay?" he asked, growing worried.

"I'm fine! I just... now I am so fucking confused!" Dom said tearing his eyes away from Billy's face and throwing his head into his hands. He had to stop thinking. He didn't know what he was thinking! Billy had been there... ever since they met. He had helped Dom, comforted him, made him laugh, and made him cry. He was his best mate! And that was it.... right? Dom stopped and bit down hard on his lower lip. He met Billy's eyes again and tried to read them

Billy sat back a little. "Shall...I leave you alone for a while?" he asked carefully. "Do you want some time for yourself?"

“I… don’t know.” Dom whispered.

Billy stood up. "Just...give me a call if you want anything." he said softly. "I'm going to get some breakfast...I'll go back upstairs to be out of your way...but...just give me a shout if you want me."

Dom nodded slowly and watched as Billy walked away.

"Billy!" He called once he couldn't see Billy anymore. Billy came back. "Yes?" he asked softly, holding a mug in one hand and a spoon in the other.

"I... I think..." Dom stopped, the words lodging in his throat again. He looked down again and sighed. What would Billy think? What would Billy do? "N-nevermind." Dom said softly. "It's nothing."

Billy stepped over and placed the spoon and mug down. "Of course its something...you think what?" Billy asked, sitting down on the couch, careful of Dom's leg. "Tell me..." he said. "It's alright."

"Ithiimgtikeiuadidonwnatofucevryup." Dom whispered biting down on his hand

"Sorry?" Billy asked, smiling a little as for once, he didn't understand Dom. Normally it was everyone asking Billy to repeat himself because of his accent. His smile faded. "Dom...Tell me."

"I... I think... I might... No." Dom stopped and turned away.

"You think you might..." Billy moved, his hand gently moving Dom's face back towards him. "You think you might..."

"What would you do if I kissed you?" Dom asked softly.

"Well you're always kissing people!" Billy smiled. "So..Nothing I suppose."

"No... I mean..." Dom stopped and sighed. He met Billy's eyes. "Really. Kissed you." He didn't wait for and answer and in one quick motion, he placed a hand on the back of Billy's head and pulled Billy closer. Slowly, he pressed their lips together. Dom held back, hoping Billy wouldn't come back and just slap him.

Billy was surprised at first, but didn't pull away from Dom. He gave a small breath into Dom's mouth and found himself kissing Dom back, surprised at the fact he was enjoying it.

Dom deepened the kiss before pulling back and staring at Billy. "I think... I like you." He whispered.

Billy's mouth was open part way, and he half nodded, looking to Dom's mouth before meeting his eyes. "Well..." he said softly. "That's obvious."

Dom nodded and licked his lower lip slowly. "Yeah."

Billy bit his lip, glancing down, before carefully moving his hand over Dom's. "I think...I feel the same." he said very softly.

"Yeah?" Dom smiled turning his hand over and intertwining their fingers together. "I'm going to kiss you again." He whispered

"A-alright.." Billy said, half nodded and looking to Dom's mouth again. Billy's heart was pounding, but it wasn't from nerves or from worry. It was from the fact it felt so right, the fact something had been missing for so long. He suddenly felt as though everything had fallen in place.

Dom moved forward again, placing a hand gently to the back of Billy’s head again.

Slowly, he pushed his tongue against Billy's lower lip, asking him to open his mouth.

Billy carefully opened his mouth, allowing Dom inside, his whole body tensing as Dom moved closer to him. He closed his eyes and gave a small moan against Dom's lips.

Dom moved closer again and his foot swung and hit the side of the table. Jumping up he swore and felt his face redden. "Sorry." He said, trying not to laugh, cry, and smack his self at the same time.

Billy smiled, nodding. "It's alright.." he said, his hands on Dom's. "It's alright.." he said, moving forwards, going to kiss Dom again.

Dom smiled against Billy's lips, and slipped his tongue into Billy's mouth again, gently running his tongue against the sensitive arch of the roof of Billy's mouth.

Billy held Dom's hands a little tighter and moved his tongue over Dom's, kissing him softly, but then a little deeper as he felt Dom's weight push against him, he moved back slightly, so that Dom was laying over him. Billy let out another small moan and kissed Dom harder.

Dom kissed back, releasing one of Billy's hands and running it through Billy's hair, then down Billy's face. Slowly breaking their kiss, Dom moved down to bite gently on Billy's neck, then kissing the reddened skin.

Billy moved himself a little, so that Dom could get to his neck easier. He closed his eyes and rested his hand on Dom's back. He moved his hips upwards a little, from under Dom, and sighed softly moving his hand up and playing his fingers through Dom's hair.

Dom trailed kisses across Billy's neck and then up to his jaw bone before meeting his lips again.

Billy sighed into Dom's mouth and smiled. A few moments passed, but then, the phone rang, making them both jump. Billy almost bolted out of the chair before he shakily grabbed the phone. "H...hello?" he said, his voice high. "Oh! Maggie...yeah...uh...no..it, it wasn't a bad time!" he stammered. He glanced to Dom quickly. "No, you didn't wake me..." he bit his lip as Dom ran his finger over Billy’s arm. He smiled and nodded. "Well, sure, alright...I'll...I'll stop by later." he said, quickly hanging up and looking to Dom. "Uh...sorry..." he said softly. "Where were we?"

Dom giggled shaking his head. "You didn't leave anything on in the kitchen did you?" He asked looking to the side.

"Ahhh! Shite!" he got up and went over to the kitchen, finding it awkward to walk, since his mind had been elsewhere. He clicked the toaster, which sprouted black toast and looked to Dom. "Breakfast?" he asked, giggling.

Chapter Six

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