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Chapter Four

A/N: Now, before you all get started, I know there are a lot of anti-evi people out there Charlie and I included but keep this in mind. THIS IS A MONABOYD not a uhhh Dom/evi gross thing.

The flight was planned. The house was bought. And Dom and Billy stood side by side, looking at their new house. Their. New. House. Smiling at eachother, they slowly walked up the steps and started telling the men inside where to put the furniature.

Then, they said their goodbyes to everyone in Hawaii and Glasgow. One person however... would not leave it to a goodbye.

"Dom... I don't want you to leave without telling you this..." Evi whispered, standing infront of Dom. Her hands were twisting around a peice of paper in front of her. "I... I..." Biting her lip she looked away from Dom.

"Evi, are you okay?" Dom asked cocking his head slightly. He gently titled her chin up so their eyes met. She sighed softly and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

"I love you." She whispered. Dom nodded and kissed her back.


“EVI WANTS TO COME! Shall I get her to fly out tomorrow?" Dom asked skidding into the kitchen where Billy was making toast.

"Dom, this is for us. We've not even settled in, and we already have guests. I thought we were going to have some time for ourselves for a while." Billy replied looking up to Dom's face and then looking away quickly.

Dom sighed. “You are right. I am sorry, I just got a little excited. I will tell Evi to wait a little longer because you and me need to get settled in. As much as I miss her, she’ll have to wait."

Billy turned away. "Do what you want. I'll make myself busy. I'll be out of your way."

"No!" Dom yelled. "Billy, stop I want to be with you. Evi can't wait.”

"It’s fine. Do whatever." Billy replied.

"Billy. Listen to me." Dom said moving in front of Billy and taking his shoulders. "I got a little excited. I am here, with my best friend. Evi and I are together. I want to be with you and you are right. I am sorry... I’m acting like a 5 year old in a freaking lollipop store.”

"Dom, I saw the things you’ve been writing to each other. I’ve heard the things you say to her on the phone, you obviously need to be with her...you miss her already and you've not even been here two days."

"Billy, I do miss her, and I think I may love her. But she and I aren’t going to always be together. She isn’t always going to be there. You are. You are my best friend. I can tell Evi to wait."

"But you love her..." Billy walked towards the coffee machine and pouring himself a cup.

"And I love you Bills." Dom said following Billy around the island.

Billy shook his head. "Doesn't matter...it’s not the same,"

Dom walked over to where Billy was and placed a hand on his shoulder making them face each other. "I. Am. Telling. Her. She needs to wait. Right now." Dom said and turned to the living room, placing himself in front of the laptop.

Billy closed his eyes and sighed softly before walking out, though the doors, leaving Dom on his laptop. He went outside, right down to the edge of that garden, that over-looked the lake and he sat there, just looking out, seeing all the mountains and everything before him.

Dom stepped over to the door after a couple minutes and opened it slowly, not wanting to make any noise. Carefully, he set himself down so he was sitting beside Billy, looking in the same direction, looking at the same things.

"You think this was really the right thing to do?" Billy asked softly, keeping his eyes on the mountains

Dom turned to face Billy and he playfully bumped him. "I think it is. Are you regretting it?"

Billy shrugged. "I think you might...after a while." he admitted.

"I don't think I will." Dom said firmly. "I told you on the beach Bills... I want to do this. I know I do. And I am never going to regret it."

"What about when you and Evi want to get more serious? Maybe marriage, a family?"

Dom stopped and looked out over the mountains. "I like her. A lot. I know I do. But..." Dom sighed and looked down. "Anything could happen Bills. But this is what is happening now. Evi and I might not even last 6 months! We could, we could not... I would like it sure. But you just never know."

"I guess me and you just have different dreams, then." he said softly.

Dom turned to look at Billy. "What about?”

Billy half-shrugged. "It doesn't matter. I don't know what I'm saying...guess I’m still tired or something." he stood up and made his way back inside, heading to the stairs and taking them two at a time before he went into his room.

Dom stayed on the steps for a minute looking out at the setting sun. Sighing he stood up... he could not let this conversation be over. All the time, he would just let it pass at this point. Not now. Shaking his head he walked up the stairs to pause at Billy's door.

"Billy?" He knocked quietly. "Please talk to me. Don't shut me out."

Billy opened the door. "There's nothing to say Dom, I’m just tired." he said softly.

"Oh, well, If you want to sleep I can't tell you not too." Dom nodded quietly as he turned. "I just wish you would talk to me..." He whispered.

Billy sighed louder than he had intended. This was a great start. He didn't close the door. Simply turned away, whispering sorry before flumping down on his bed.

Dom turned to see the door open. He smiled softly before slipping in and shutting the door. Billy heard the door close but didn’t move from his place on the bed. Smiling almost evilly, Dom started to run before he launched himself onto the bed beside Billy.

"Can we talk?" He said trying not to laugh at the look of shock on Billy's face

"Fuck Dom!" Billy half smiled and sat up, he rested back on his arms and sighed. "Can I kick you in the balls first?"

"No!" Dom laughed and took a pillow to hit Billy's stomach. "You wanker, that would fuckin' hurt!"

Laughing once again Dom rested his head on his elbow and sighed contently. "So... what are your dreams now Bills?"

Billy's smile faded slowly. "Depends." he said softly. "Depends on what yours are."

"Mine are..." Dom said licking his lower lip before continuing. "To have Mr. Billy Boyd say what his dreams are before I have to say mine! I always go first. I want him to stop being stubborn and just tell me!" Dom said smiling.

Billy nodded and let out a small sigh. "Well...my dreams...we're...to have a time to myself and friend...with...everything we knew a few years ago...and to...discover it all over again...together. Like before." He glanced to Dom. "But now, both of us, this home-our home-it will have Evi in it and you’ll be distracted because of it. And, then, then we won't have that time. Not in the way I thought, at least."

Dom nodded slowly and bit his lower lip in thought. "You know... this would be so much easier if we were gay."

Suddenly Dom burst out into a fit of giggles and nearly threw himself off of the bed. "Okay…okay." He said between breaths. "Serious now." He chuckled once more but positioned himself to where he was in the first place. "I want the same thing. I want to be the Merry and Pippin we were before and I think we can be. Evi is someone new in my life, but I think she will understand. I came here with you not just for a new experience. Believe me... if anyone else asked me to come out here or anywhere I would've said no. Hands down. But you asked me too. and it meant something more. We are going to be like we were a few years ago. I will make sure of it. And we can have that time. Which is why they need to wait a little longer until we have things figured out."

"But...it'll get harder...she'll want more from you...every chance she gets she'll want to see you, or you see her...before we know it, I'll be here and you'll be in Hawaii with Evi and we'll be back to where we started again. I shouldn't have said anything...I should have just come here with my sister and said nothing. Would have been much easier."

"No! Billy! You don't even want to try? You are already regretting coming out here with me?" Dom asked slumping down from his propped up stance. "Don't you see? This is going to be challenging. But it’s what we need. Those tests we have been through, haven't been enough. This is the ultimate test and Evi will know that. They are going to want to see us and us them. But, we can and they can get used to seeing best friends. We are different now Billy. And Evi will know how much this, how much you, mean to me. She wont try to change that. If she does..." Dom stopped and shrugged. "If she tries to separate us.... she isn't worth it. No one should want to take away someone's other half."

Billy looked down and played with the sheets. "What if...the ultimate test fails?" he asked. "Then everything will be gone, Dom. All of it."

Dom reached over to take Billy's hand. "Do you think it will Fail?"

Billy closed his eyes and sighed. "I think...if you were to stop touching me all the time..." he threw himself on Dom and began to play-fight him on the bed. "Its like we're fucking boyfriends!" He giggled. "Hey!" he sat up. "Lets tell everyone we're gay and see what happens!"

Dom laughed and shoved Billy over so he was leaning over him and tickling him, making Billy incapable of talking or much of anything else. "Oh Billy." Dom said sticking out his tongue and laughing.

"Maybe I can't stop touching you!" Laughing again he fell to the side and had to grab Billy to stop himself from falling of the bed.

Billy moved his foot up and placed it on Dom's shoulder. "Yeah..touch this!" it wasn't a hard kick. Just enough to send Dom over the edge and off the bed.

"Bitch." Dom groaned as he fell with a thud onto his back. "You fucking wanker."

Billy giggled and rolled over on his side. "You're sounding more like Elijah everyday."

"Mehmm." Dom grumbled as he grabbed the side of the bed to pull himself up. "You arse." Dom said pulling himself up on his stomach so he was beside Billy.

Billy nodded. "That I am. I have one too...want to see?"

"Not that I haven't before... Agh! Billy! No!" Dom started to grumble but was laughing before long as Billy got up on his knees and started to wiggle his jeans off. "You're crazy!" Dom laughed trying to roll away.

Billy laughed loudly, bent down a bit and then proceeded to fart a loud, dry, crispy fart, right over Dom. "There!" He smiled, satisfied with himself.

"BILLY!" Dom yelled rolling to the pillows so he could burry his face in them "You fucking Scots and your fucking farts!" Dom mumbled into the pillow.

Billy stood up on the bed. "What? We need something to keep us warm! It gets cold in the winter!"

"Yeah, yeah." Dom said sitting up and rolling his eyes.

Billy dropped back down, after pulling his jeans back up. Crossing his legs and he sighed. "I don't know...I don't want it to fail...it just...crossed my mind. A lot." he finally admitted.

"Well, If it stands for anything... I am going to do all I can to make it not fail. I don't want it to fail." Dom said honestly.

"I know, it just, I find it hard to trust that." he said very slowly.

"I know. But I trust myself on this. Which, I usually don't do. And I am not going to let it happen."

"Can we...go back to Fangorn tomorrow?"

"I would like that. I will even bring the bikes." Dom said smiling cheekily

Billy smiled. "And then, maybe the Shire?"

Dom's smile widened. "As long as we can go to Isengaurd."

"Maybe Lothlorein?"

"Mines of Moria."


"Fool of a took." Dom said as he started to laugh.

It had been two days since they talked about Evi and the things that had been worrying them. Billy got back from his walk a good two or three hours later. It was still quite early in the so he closed the door quietly, not sure if Dom would be awake or not. He sighed a little at the laptop on the floor and stepped over it, heading up to the bathroom in an attempt to finish off anything else that needed to be done with the remodeling.

"Billy!" Dom yelled jumping in front of the doorway. "I woke up and saw that you had left soo I made you breakfast. Eggs?" Dom asked smiling as he nodded over towards their empty kitchen.

Billy turned to him. "You check the computer yet?" he asked. Last night and the night before even more people said they would be coming up within a weeks time. They would be having a full house, and they hadn't even lived there a week.

"Not since last night." Dom replied shrugging as he dug into a box for plastic forks.

"Maybe you should check it out before you go making me all these nice things. You'll be wanting to throw the plate at me next." Billy turned and headed up the stairs.

Dom froze with 2 forks in hand as he turned to watch Billy walk away. Throwing the forks to the ground he ran to the bottom of the stairs.

"WHAT THE FUCK BILLY?" Dom yelled up the stairs, sighing as he tore himself away from them. He didn't have anything else to say and started to get angry at himself. ‘Why the fuck is he mad at me? I didn't fuckin' invite everyone!' Dom thought as he grabbed his coat and walked out the front door.

Billy sighed loudly and kicked over the box of tools that was on the landing. Everything flew out, clattering down the stairs and bouncing off the walls. He stopped in the bathroom doorway, looked at the half-finished plumbing and kicked that, too, denting the metal. He was so frustrated. He didn't even know what he was doing.

"Fine... be fucking mad at me... see if I care." Dom said to himself as he crossed their property to the front of the driveway. Sitting on the edge he started tearing up pieces of grass and chucking pebbles at the tire of Billy's car. One bounced of the bottom making Dom jump up to inspect it. "Nothing... too bad." Dom sneered at the car but sighed inside. He would've been a dead man if it had so much left the smallest mark, he knew it.

Billy finally decided punching the wall was a better outlet. Not that it mattered. They'd be painting over it soon. "Well this is fucking great", he thought to himself. "So much like it used to be," he spat angrily. He slammed himself against the wall and finally sat down.

"Fucking Arse." Dom muttered as he stood away from the car. They were behaving like they were little kids. Plus, Billy had nothing to be mad at him for! "You're an arse." Dom called as he walked inside, making his way to the stairs. He saw Billy at the top against the wall glaring at him. "A fucking arse." Dom repeated as he started climbing the stairs.

Billy booted the door closed. It slammed shut. He could call him all he wanted to. Didn't stop him being pissed off. He skimmed over and started turning the pipes under the sink. He reached for the hammer, picked up a nail and stopped. He bit his lip, played the nail in his fingers over and over, Dom would know what he was thinking. Right then, Billy didn't care.

"BILLY! Don't you fucking do this again! OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR NOW!!" Dom screamed as he kicked the bottom of the door. Last time, they got off easy. Not this time.

"Its not fucking locked you arsehole." he threw the nail down and grabbed the pipes again.

"You... ARGH!" Dom growled as he opened the door, making it swing and hit the wall.

Billy stood upright and turned to him. He didn't say anything. Just looked at him. His face was deep-set in an angry stare, but still, he did not speak.

Dom tried to appear a little taller and he crossed his arms and stared back into Billy's face. "We need." Dom started but swore under his breath as his voice cracked. "Fucking hell Billy knock it off." Dom said moving back and looking away from Billy. He couldn't do it... no matter how hard he tried.

"What?" he asked. "What do we need?" His he kept his eyes trained on Dom.

"To fucking talk! That’s what you wanted right?" Dom said quietly but fiercely. "You wanted to be like we were. I'm trying. You are the one who always fucking runs off!" Dom looked up and Billy and locked eyes with him. "I didn't fucking tell everyone to come here so don't fucking get pissy at me!" Dom yelled eyes still locked into Billy's but he felt himself loosing nerve.

"Oh. Okay. So me telling you to check the emails of everyone who’s suddenly coming over, before you do something for me, is me getting pissy with you? You WANT me to get pissy with you? YOU WANT THAT?" Billy felt himself getting more angry. "I'm not half way up the fucking Scale yet, Dom, so that's what you want, come on then!"

Dom stood and shook, getting angrier but not able to think of anything to say. "Fuck. You." He hissed as he walked out of the bathroom to his room where he slammed his door. Grabbing his journal he wedged himself on the windowsill and started to write.

Billy felt himself boil to the point he would have hit anything if it had been there. If he was not more content on the fact he was so rat-assing angry. He left the bathroom. Took a glance to Dom's closed door and sighed. "You’re an arse." he whispered to himself as he went back down the stairs. "Wanker." He headed out the door, and got in his car

Dom looked up from his journal to see Billy's car pull away from the house. "Fuck." He whispered then repeated again louder. Tossing the journal onto the bed it landed, one page open saying:

'I already feel myself slipping away... I've got nothing to hold onto. He has blocked me out. There's a wall... and no matter how hard I try to climb it, try to break through, he puts up another layer. Now... I have fallen and I am going down. Will I be saved? Can I be saved? I do not know... I want my Pippin ba-'

Grabbing his coat once again he went outside glancing at his own car he thought about getting in to follow Billy, but he knew how angry Billy could get, and he didn’t want to pay for damage to either cars. He looked over at the mountains, the lake, and then the forest. "Treebeard, here I come."

Chapter Five

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