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Chapter Three

I would like to thank those who have joined over the last few days. I just got back to checking the com and found we had about five new people, so hello to everyone, thank you for joining and I hope you enjoy it here. I also want to thank those of you who have given us feedback, both Dani and I are grateful for that, and we always like to know what you all think. Thank you all again. :)

"You okay?" Dom asked as he slid into the front seat of the car after closing the door for Billy.

Billy had just been released and Dom realized, him asking are you okay ever five minutes was going to irritate Billy eventually but he didn't care. He couldn’t stop asking.

Billy nodded, but he kept looking out the window. "Yes," he answered his voice distant and soft.

"Okay..." Dom whispered. "Okay... Do you want to listen to anything?" He asked pulling a case out from under the seat.

Billy shook his head, still looking out the window, still quite and distant. "No,"

"Oh okay…” Dom answered tossing it in the back seat and turning the car out of the parking lot.

The rest of the ride back to Dom's flat was silent until the came up to the end of the street.

"Billy, you okay? You are more quiet then you were in the hospital... is something wrong?"

Billy nodded. "I'm ok." he gave a small sigh and the said nothing more

Dom turned to face Billy for a second. There was something bothering his friend, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Are you scared... of going to see everyone?" Dom whispered

Billy didn't answer at first. He sighed a little. "When..." he stopped. "Can you pull over?"

"Of course." Dom said slowing and stopping on the side of the road, 3 houses away from his own.

"There, there was this nurse, and she asked me how I was...I said I wasn't feeling too good...and then she started telling me how stupid I was...told me that's what I got for doing stupid things." He frowned a little. "I...know it was..." he tried hard not to cry. "But...I just didn't want to hear it, I suppose."

"Billy..." Dom said turning off the ignition and turning to face his friend. "Aww Billy don't listen to her... She just doesn’t want you hurting yourself you know, and the way she sees it, going into the hospital should've been a lesson. She doesn't know your life, and she doesn't really know you." Dom put his hand on Billy's shoulder. "You aren't stupid okay? It may not be the best way to deal with things but we're gonna get through it okay?"

Billy half-nodded. "But...the others...they...they might think that too."

Dom nodded and gently pushed Billy's shoulder so Billy was facing him. "If you feel uncomfortable at all just tell me okay? I can tell them they need to leave. As of right now, my house is yours and if you aren’t comfortable we're going to change it. I don't know what they are thinking but I do know that they are glad you are okay. I do know that they were praying for you and that they are happy that you have come home."

Billy looked down. "That's...nice of them.." he whispered.

Dom nodded and leaned against the seat. "We can wait a little longer if you want. We don’t have to go home right away. We can walk on the beach of something."

Billy half nodded again. "Maybe...just...sit on the beach?" he asked softly.

Dom smiled and turned the car on again. Turning around he drove back in the opposite direction to the beach parking lot. They’d planned a party so that Billy could meet everyone, but that wasn’t until later that evening. It wouldn’t be for a good few hours yet.

Placing an arm around Billy's shoulders gently, Dom started walking with him towards the water. Sighing softly he bent down to pick up a piece of sea glass.

"This was once a full bottle... complete... and then it was shattered, broken by some other force and uprooting him from what he knew. I bet this little shard was bouncing around on it's own, all alone for years until finally, it got smooth... and it became something new, something stronger." Dom whispered fingering the piece of glass before he bent down and ran his fingers through the sand.

"It also found it's brother." He whispered pulling up a similar piece of glass and placing them in Billy's palm.

Billy looked down at them and smiled. "But they can still fit together...even though they're all smooth...there's still some sharp bits there," he said softly.

"But that's good…” He looked to Dom. "Because even the most smoothest thing has something...not right about it.." he looked down and handed Dom the smoothest piece. "Like us."

"Aye Billy... just like us." Dom smiled softly. "But who would like to be smooth, straight, and perfect anyways?" He whispered.

Billy moved back a little and sat down. He smiled. "Orlando."

Dom couldn't help it... He laughed out loud as he sat next to Billy. "Orlando will soon notice he's got a chip in his smooth glass. Right now, its all about the ladies." Dom shook his head

Billy smiled. "You're lucky to wake up to this each day," Billy said, keeping his eyes on the ocean. "It's almost like New Zealand.."

Dom looked over at the ocean. "Yeah. It is beautiful ain't it? For a while you will be waking up to it as well."

Billy nodded. "When...when I go back home.." Billy's voice caught. "What will happen?" he asked. "To us?"

Dom turned to face Billy. "Every chance I get, I will be flying up to Glasgow to come and see you." Dom smiled. "You might even start to get annoyed with me."

Sighing Dom looked back out to the ocean. "It's not going to go back to what it was like though. I promise you that."

Billy turned to his bag. "I forgot to give this to you..." he pulled out a long, thin bag and handed it to dom. "It's not much...something stupid, really. But it had your name on it."

Dom smiled at Billy and took the package. "Why, do you always buy me things, especially when I am being the biggest jack ass ever?" Dom asked shaking his head as he pulled the paper away.

"Billy..." Dom said quietly as he pulled a paintbrush from the paper. "Thank you..." he said quietly as he twisted it in his fingers.

"Its just a brush..." Billy said softly. "You can hardly call it a gift."

"I love it." Dom said placing a hand on Billy's shoulder. Even though they’d been apart for so long, Billy still thought about what Dom liked to do. Painting being one of his key-interests.

"And what I have for you is at home.... since we never went there since you arrived it is still there. But, I can give you this..."

Dom smiled softly as he dug deep into his pocket to pull out a green apple Jolly Rancher lollipop. "You like green apple." Dom smiled

Billy raised his eyebrows a little. "You'd give me a lolly?" he smiled.

"Yeah." Dom laughed quietly. "But don't tell anyone... they are always asking and I just can't give them up. But you, I will always share some lollies with you." Dom laughed

Billy smiled. "Well, thanks.." he put it in his own pocket and smiled.

Dom nodded and smiled again. Leaning back, he rested in the sand on his arms. "This is nice."

Billy nodded and smiled. He stayed sitting forwards and rested his arms on his legs. "I don't want to go back to Glasgow," he said softly.

"You don't have to go back you know." Dom whispered

Billy nodded. "But my sister...and my dog...and..." he frowned a little. "The past...is...all there."

"I know..." Dom whispered slipping his sandals off so he could play in the sand with his toes. "Some of those things can come here you know... I don't want you doing something you don’t want to but, I don’t know."

Billy looked at Dom for a few moments and frowned a little. "I love Glasgow..." he whispered. "But..." he bit his lip. "What would you do for a once in a lifetime chance?"

Dom looked over at Billy. "Anything. I dropped everything just for the chance that maybe, just maybe I could be an extra on Lord of the Rings and look at us now..."

Billy went to his bag again and pulled out some papers. He blinked a few times, took a deep breath and turned back to Dom. "What would you consider this to be?" he asked, showing Dom.

"Billy..." Dom gasped as he looked at the houses. "New Zealand? Those are... beautiful." Dom handed the paper back to Billy. "To be living there again... it would be... amazing."

Billy nodded. "I've been thinking about moving there for a while...I was going to get married, have kids...all of it there..."

Billy sighed. "Well, that never worked, but I didn't know that then..." He looked to Dom. "I have a deposit on a place out there...but...no-one to live with."

Dom looked over at Billy and smiled softly. "Who would you like to live there?" He asked.

"Well...I know Maggie will come...of course she will...but...I was hoping...maybe...maybe you would."

"Billy." Dom smiled and sat up from the sand. "I would like nothing more then to go back to New Zealand to be with my best friend."

Billy looked at him, almost in disbelief. "You really would come? To live?" he asked

Dom laughed a little and nodded. "I would."

"Proper? To live there...like really?"

"Yes Billy! As in living there. Waking up in the room next to you. Walking down stairs stark naked as I make you porridge and get myself cereal." Dom said smiling. "As in living there. With you."

Billy smiled and hugged Dom tightly. "You should see the place, Dom..." Billy whispered. "You'll love it!"

Dom hugged him tightly and smiled into his shoulder. "I will, I am sure of it." Dom whispered back. "I can't wait."

Billy turned away excitedly, rustling through his bag, he pulled things out, and a small collection of things flew out of that bag, from buttons to sweet-wrappers and even a leaf or two. "Hold on...I’m looking..." Another button and a half-eaten protein bar. "I know it’s here..."

"What on earth are you looking for?" Dom asked trying to collect things from behind them in a pile.

"The thing...to show you the thing..." he handed Dom another half-eaten chocolate bar.

Dom looked at the bar and took a bite from it. "This is good.” He laughed. “What thing?”

"This!" Billy said finally, pulling out another piece of paper. He showed Dom. "Our new house."

"Billy!" Dom broke out into a smile as he looked at it. "Are you shitting me? It's beautiful!"

He shook his head. "It's ten minutes from the sea one way...and..." Billy turned back to his bag again. "Hold on..."

"Okay." Dom laughed and looked over the house again.

"This is the garden...And just beside that, Dommie..." Billy smiled at this one. "Is Fangorn forest, which..." Billy blushed a little. "Which I kinda...bought part of, in your name."

"Billy!" Dom said looking at it, his eyes widening. He placed the paper on the ground and threw his arms around Billy again.

"You have the part where there is a "supposed" Treebeard..." He said under Dom’s hug.

"As long as we don’t have to climb up and sit on bicycle seats, I love it!" Dom said back.

He smiled and shook his head. "And you know the lake...in the garden...part of that will belong to the home-owners!" he grinned. "Isn't it incredible? We own a lake!"

"Jesus Billy! We're going to live like kings!" Dom smiled broadly, in what he assumed was a very cheeky smile. From Billy's laughter he knew it was so.

Billy couldn't help it. Dom's chest even puffed out like he was some kind of important animal. "But..." Billy said. "There is one small problem..."

"What?" Dom asked quickly as his face fell.

"If we want the house...I mean...we have to finalize it...both of us need to sign and...well, the closing date is next week. Next Friday. We have to go out there."

Dom stopped for a moment and thought. "I think we could... I mean if we don't stay for long. JJ is giving me a little time because of some 'family problems'. The only thing is the rest of the cast."

Dom got quiet and looked at his hands. "They are a little annoyed with me at the moment...especially Emilie."

Billy looked at him. "Why?" he asked softly.

Dom shrugged and laughed a little. "No reason really...just...They think that I am JJ's big catch... Which I am not! I mean, without me the show could go on just fine! It's really Evangeline, and Matt, and Josh...But no...They all talk about how JJ likes to give me more leeway because I'm the supposed Star."

Billy frowned and gave a small sigh. He collected his things and shoved them back in his bag.

"I don't want to cause you any problems...these are your co-workers..." He zipped it up and stood up, hoisting his bag over his shoulder. "We don't have to go. It's...a huge choice...sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."

"No!" Dom shouted and stood up almost falling over again. "No." He said again more calmly.

He plastered a cheeky smile on his face once again. "We are going to New Zealand Billy. I don’t care what those bloody wankers think."

Billy looked worried and bit his lip. He shook his head. "But I do." He gave another small sigh. "You live here...you work here...you have your friends here...even your parents wanted to get a place out here...I pushed you...it's too soon...it's not right." He started walking towards the shore. "It’s too soon."

"Billy." Dom said grabbing Billy's arm gently. "I won’t be living here for long."

Billy looked to him. "You waited for this break, Dom. You waited so damn long." He swallowed a little before continuing. "You went through a dark place and came out the other side just to get here and now I’m taking it away. I’m taking away what I promised to you."

"No, you're not. You are adding to it. You asked me what I would do for a once in a life time opportunity remember?" Dom asked smiling. "And I said everything. This," He said waving his arms around the beach. "And them..." He said shrugging. "Are just part of my life. They are my friends, yes. I care about them, of course. But I would chose living with you, and being with you, over ever coming here in the first place."

Billy still looked worried. He was torn between two things. "You leave here...you can't come back...not all the time..." he said." You leave here...you quit the dream...I can't promise you what will happen...I can't tell you if you'll get another break."

Billy looked at Dom. "You really, really want to throw it away?"

Dom shrugged and looked at Billy. "I will be getting a break. I will be with you, my best friend. I want to be with you Billy, I want to go.”

"Dom..." Billy knew full well what Dom was like at saying something and then regretting it. "All this will be gone..." he said softly.

"It won't come back...you can't just get on a plane and it'll still be here waiting for you..." He rested his hand on Dom's arm. "Its one or the other...and you...you need to think of everything on both sides...do you understand?" he asked softly.

Dom took a step towards Billy and gave him a hug. "I do understand Billy. And I know what you are thinking. I will not regret this at all. I'm actually surprised at how clear my mind is, and how I know I want to do this."

"You want to do it...you mean...really...and...for good?"

"Yes Billy. Really, and for good."

Billy finally stopped looking worried and gently smiled. "They even had room for a football pitch twice the size as the Man U stadium."

Dom started laughing and shook his head. "I will so beat you arse!"

Billy giggled and they hugged again. His mind was buzzing and he couldn't wipe the smile on his face. He looked to Dom and grinned. Nothing needed to be said.

To be continued...
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